Infosec Skills release: Provide targeted, role-based skill training with learner groups

November 15, 2019

Two new team training features are live in Infosec Skills, groups and assigned learning paths, giving team admins the ability to organize their learners and deliver relevant, role-based training. Two new learning paths were also added: the entry-level CompTIA IT Fundamentals (ITF+) certification path and the more advanced Introduction to Applied Cryptography and Cryptanalysis skill path.

Organize your team’s training with groups

Learner groups in Infosec Skills make it easy to organize your team’s training, assign relevant content and monitor ongoing skill development.

Team admins can create and manage groups from their learner management dashboard — or filter training reports to quickly view and export data relevant to each group, including:

  • Number of learners and time spent on each learning path
  • Progress on courses, cloud-hosted cyber ranges and hands-on projects
  • Scores from skill assessments and certification practice exams

Infosec Skills groups

Ensure your team is developing the right skills

Assigned learning paths help your team find and start working on content aligned with your organization’s business objectives. Team admins can quickly browse and assign learning paths to an individual group or to all users within the organization.

Team members will see their assigned learning paths on their homepage so they always know what skills they should be developing next.

Infosec Skills assigned learning paths

To learn more about Infosec Skills’ team training features and get team pricing, request a quote.

Two new learning paths

There are more than 60 structured learning paths in Infosec Skills covering topics from networking to penetration testing to cybersecurity management. Those 60+ learning paths contain:

  • 500+ courses
  • 100+ hands-on labs and projects
  • Skill assessments to test your knowledge and identify skill gaps
  • Practice exams to prepare for your next certification

Check out the two newest learning paths below.

CompTIA IT Fundamentals (ITF+)

This learning path is designed for those who are looking to gain a greater understanding of how computing devices work or those who are considering a potential career in IT and security. You’ll learn the details of operating systems, how to set up and configure a device, networking concepts, computer maintenance, troubleshooting and a variety of other entry-level topics.

Introduction to Applied Cryptography and Cryptanalysis

This learning path introduces cryptography, its applications and methods for decrypting and deobfuscating data. You’ll learn what ciphers are and how they work, how to apply cryptography in modern networking, how to identify weak algorithms used by malware and other skills that move beyond theory into hands-on application.

For more information on upcoming features and content, see our Infosec Flex and Skills Product Roadmap.

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