Infosec Skills release: New team invite options and vulnerability management courses

July 17, 2020

Improved team administration options are live in Infosec Skills, giving admins more flexibility around when and how they invite their learners. A new Introduction to Vulnerability Management Learning Path was also released.

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Choose when and how you invite learners

Infosec Skills team admins now have the option to suppress the automatic invites sent to new learners. Take your time building custom learning paths, organizing learners into groups and assigning them training plans. When you’re ready, send them a customized message through your own email system inviting them to join your account and start their training.

Infosec Skills learner management groups

By default, newly uploaded learners will still receive the automatic email invite that gives them immediate access to all the content in Infosec Skills, including 600+ courses, 160+ hands-on labs and projects, certification practice exams and skill assessments.

Team Training

Introduction to Vulnerability Management

The new Introduction to Vulnerability Management Learning Path teaches you the skills necessary to build, manage and maintain an effective vulnerability management program. As you progress through 10 courses and a hands-on project, you’ll learn how to:

  • Set up a virtual environment for testing
  • Identify and remediate vulnerabilities in your environment
  • Manually verify the existence of vulnerabilities
  • Build a vulnerability management program
  • Communicate the importance of vulnerability management to stakeholders and executives

Infosec Skills Introduction to Vulnerability Management Learning Path

Vulnerability Management

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