Team reporting and administration

Easily manage your team’s skill development with Infosec Skills team training features.

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Easy team administration

Infosec Skills makes it easy to manage your team’s cybersecurity training and skill development. Add team members in bulk via CSV, send invitation reminders to pending learners and remove inactive learners — all from one dashboard.

Organize your team members into groups so you can quickly assign content to a specific department or role, as well as monitor each group’s ongoing skill development.

Personalized skill development

Assign learning paths to individuals or groups, or build custom learning paths unique to your organization’s business objectives. Assigned learning paths are displayed on each team member’s homepage so they can easily find and start working on skills relevant to their job role.

Track your team’s progress

Get at-a-glance views of your entire team, or dive into each group’s training progress. Track specific training metrics, such as:

  • How many learners completed their assigned training
  • Total time spent in each learning path
  • Percent of hands-on cyber ranges and projects completed
  • Scores for skill assessments and practice exams

With team reporting, you’ll have instant insight into your team’s skill development so you can provide targeted, relevant training that maximizes your team’s success.

Close your team's skills gap

Skill assessments Evaluate your team’s expertise and identify high-potential employees
Cloud-hosted cyber ranges Build your team’s cybersecurity skills with 100+ hands-on, cloud-hosted labs
Hands-on projects Help your team gain practical experience through real-world scenarios
Custom practice exams Prepare your team for their certification with thousands of practice questions
Infosec Community Get support for your team from 200,000 peers in the Infosec Community

Plans and pricing





$599 / license

Annually. Includes all content plus team admin and reporting.