Infosec Skills release: Get training and career advice from your peers in the Infosec Community

December 13, 2019

As a cybersecurity professional, you need to continually develop your skills, but you don’t have to do it alone. With Infosec Skills' new community integration, you can ask questions, get training advice and celebrate your career milestones with more than 200,000 of your peers. A new Mobile Application Pentesting Project is also live in Infosec Skills, as well as new team reporting and custom learning path features.

Build your skills with the help of your peers

The Infosec Community has been helping cybersecurity professionals get certified and advance their careers for over a decade, and that peer support is now integrated into the Infosec Skills on-demand learning platform. 

Infosec Skills community integration

Whether you’re trying to land your first help desk role with a CompTIA A+ certification, build your Ethical Hacking skills for your next project or take your career to the next level by earning your CISSP, your community of peers is now just a click away.

Get hands-on Android and iOS pentesting experience

A new hands-on project has been added to the Mobile Application Pentesting learning path. You’ll get practical experience pentesting Android and iOS mobile devices and hone your skills as you progress through 24 hands-on exercises.

In the project, you will:

  • Use popular tools such as dex2jar and Hopper
  • Practice working with ADB (Android Debug Bridge) 
  • Exploit application vulnerabilities such as side-channel data leakage and broken cryptography
  • Learn how take advantage of developer backdoors and insecure data storage
  • And more!

Learn more about the different hands-on projects included in your Infosec Skills subscription.

Other updates

New team training reports

A new team training report is available, providing admins with at-a-glance views of each learner’s training progress, including the total time spent:

  • Watching videos from expert instructors
  • Using the cloud-hosted cyber ranges
  • Completing skill assessments
  • Taking custom certification practice exams

Learn more about Infosec Skills’ team training features.

New custom learning path features

We’re continuing to develop more features for custom learning paths. The ability to include skill assessments and hands-on projects is now live, along with an improved experience for editing custom paths. 

All Infosec Skills learners can create custom learning paths. Team admins can also assign their custom paths to specific groups within their team.

For more information on upcoming features and content, see our Infosec Flex and Skills Product Roadmap.

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