Infosec IQ Security Awareness Training Wins 2021 MUSE Creative Awards & NYX Awards

May 12, 2021

Five educational series recognized for video and animation excellence

MADISON, WI, May 13, 2021 — Infosec, the leading cybersecurity education company, today announced five of its Infosec IQ security awareness training series won numerous 2021 MUSE Creative Awards and 2021 NYX Awards. The awards mark the latest of several design and video accolades recognizing Infosec's creative approaches for engaging and motivating learners to develop strong security behaviors.

“We've made it our mission to breathe life and fun into stale, compliance-driven security awareness training," said Joanna Beer, Infosec VP Content. "Through experiential learning design, gamification and microlearning, we strive to give our customers captivating security education that piques employee interest and keeps them engaged so they develop the skills to be cyber-safe at both work and home."

Hosted by the International Awards Associate (IAA), this year's MUSE and NYX Awards recognize the design achievements of these Infosec IQ series:  

Choose Your Own Adventure® Security Awareness Games 

First-of-its-kind awareness training combining the magic of the popular gamebook series and the power of experiential learning with player-driven scenarios, rewards and captivating animations

  • MUSE Gold — video animation & educational video
  • NYX Gold — video animation
  • NYX Silver — video use of interactivity

Need to Know: Power Up

Modern, animated security awareness training to entertain and educate

  • MUSE Gold — video educational
  • NYX Gold — e-learning video & video web series
  • MUSE Silver — video animation & poster series
  • NYX Silver — animation & poster series

Just the Facts

Straight forward video series cutting through the noise to teach the essential cybersecurity topics recommended by NIST

  • MUSE Gold — video educational

Wild Wild Net

Common cyber threats personified as Wild West cyber bandits

  • NYX Grand Winner — poster series
  • NYX Gold — animation
  • MUSE Gold — poster series
  • MUSE Silver — video animation

Outsmart Them All

Year-round phishing simulation and training delivered in bite-sized doses for the most common and clever attacks

  • NYX Grand Winner — poster series
  • MUSE Platinum — poster series

"We're extremely proud to be named a multi-award winner In this year's MUSE and NYX Awards," said Jack Koziol, Infosec CEO and founder. "The ability of our creative team to blend their right-brain talent with solid instructional design and cybersecurity know-how is what makes Infosec IQ content so memorable and effective. Whether creating informative, entertaining or humorous content, Infosec prides itself on originating, not imitating."

About Infosec

Infosec is the leading cybersecurity education company helping IT and security professionals advance their careers and empowering employees to be cyber-safe at work and home. Its mission is to equip individuals and organizations with the knowledge, skills and confidence to outsmart cybercrime. More than 70% of the Fortune 500 have relied on Infosec Skills to develop their security talent and teams, and more than 5 million learners worldwide are more cyber-resilient from Infosec IQ’s security awareness and phishing training. Learn more at

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The MUSE Creative Awards is a part of the MUSE Awards Program, which was created by the International Awards Associate (IAA) in 2015. IAA’s inception was based on a mission to honor, promote and encourage creativity by providing a new standard of excellence for evaluating media design production and distribution. At its core, MUSE Creative Awards is an international competition for creative professionals who inspire others to greater heights. With their concepts, ideas or designs, these creatives light a fire in others to strive further, thus becoming a muse.

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