Infosec IQ release: Pinpoint learner comprehension with adaptive assessments

August 19, 2019

It’s now easier than ever to measure each employee’s comprehension of cybersecurity topics and retention of security training within Infosec IQ. The latest Infosec IQ release introduces nine pre-built adaptive assessments to the content library, which can be added to any AwareEd™ course.

We also added a free Phishing Risk Test to Infosec IQ, allowing free account users and Infosec IQ clients to run a 100-learner phishing simulation and receive the results in 24 hours.

Quantify knowledge levels with adaptive assessments

Unlike standard assessments, which deliver the same set of questions to every learner, adaptive assessments adjust based on the employee’s performance on each question. The employee’s assessment score increases after every correct answer and decreases after every incorrect answer. The adaptive assessment checks the employee’s score after every question to determine the difficulty level of the next question.

learner assessments

Dynamic question delivery within adaptive assessments provides a personalized, skill-appropriate challenge for each employee while eliminating answer sharing among employees. After completing the adaptive assessment, the learner receives an expertise level based on the number of correct answers and the difficulty level of each question.

learner assessment report

Adaptive assessments map to one of nine core security behaviors recommended in the NIST security awareness and training guidelines. Instead of tracking a score for each assessment, employees receive an expertise level mapped to the corresponding core security behavior. This allows you to pinpoint knowledge gaps, tailor training for susceptible employees and track information retention over time.

One pre-built adaptive assessment for each core security behavior is available in the content library and can be added to any AwareEd course. If you do not select an adaptive assessment for a course, Infosec IQ will provide an assessment recommendation based on the core behaviors covered in your course.

Assess your organization’s phishing susceptibility

Infosec IQ free and paid users can now launch a 100-learner phishing simulation to test the phishing susceptibility of their organization. Launch your free Phishing Risk Test and we’ll send your results in 24 hours. Learn more about the Phishing Risk Test here.

[Coming soon] Learner dashboard

A brand new learner dashboard is on its way, giving employees the opportunity to view their training history and select a training course to complete. Although no AwareEd campaign or course functionality has changed, learners now have the ability to navigate to their personal dashboard from the learner course page using breadcrumb navigation.

learner dashboard

What else is new?

Improper Error Handling training module

Errors are a fact of life in any system. But what happens when an error report ends up revealing a weakness? Take a closer look at the problem of improper error handling.

Over 180 training modules available via SCORM as a Service

New modules include:

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