Assess lesson retention & gauge risk

Gauge lesson retention, track employee-level risk over time and tailor training to employees and security topics that require the most attention with learner assessments.

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Learner assessments

Add assessments to security awareness and training courses to measure learner comprehension. Learner assessments allow you to track retention and improvement over time and identify knowledge gaps that require more attention.

Select from dozens of baseline assessments, over 70 brief assessments or test for retention of key cybersecurity topics with assessments mapped to the NIST security awareness and training guidelines.

Adaptive assessments

Pinpoint each employee’s knowledge level with adaptive assessments. Unlike standard assessments, which deliver the same set of questions to every learner, adaptive assessments adjust based on the employee’s performance on each question.

This provides a skill-appropriate challenge for each employee, eliminates answer sharing and produces the most accurate measure of security knowledge.

Dynamic training

Use assessment data to identify risk before breaches occur and tailor your training accordingly.

Organization-level assessment scores help identify training gaps while learner-level scores help pinpoint individual employees who require additional training. Use dynamic groups to automatically segment learners and deliver personalized training to employees who need it most.

Custom assessments

Gauge learner retention of the cybersecurity topics that matter most to your organization. Choose from 100s of pre-built questions to assemble your own assessments or customize pre-built assessments to address specific needs.

Do you need a unique assessment to address your organization’s security policy, compliance requirements or top security threats? Add your own questions and build a custom assessment from scratch.