Infosec IQ release: New modules, tip sheets & assessment enhancements

March 29, 2019

New training content and assessments are live in Infosec IQ, giving you new ways to keep your security awareness program fresh and measure learner retention of important cybersecurity topics. The new release also includes minor branding updates to reflect the platform’s new name — Infosec IQ.

CCPA, GDPR for data processors and incident response training modules

New training modules were added to Infosec IQ, including an Introduction to The California Consumer Privacy Act. The latest release also includes GDPR for Data Processors and Incident Response, which provides post-incident training for non-technical employees.

Measure cybersecurity retention with 70+ new assessments

70+ new assessments help you measure learner retention on the cybersecurity topics that matter most to your organization. New assessments contain 10 questions or less and map to the most popular Infosec IQ training modules. Assessments now include answer randomization and an optional 30-second timer for each question to preserve assessment integrity, eliminate order bias and more accurately measure retention.

New tip sheets to reinforce cybersecurity best practices offline

Six new security awareness tip sheets were added to Infosec IQ program resources, giving you more ways to keep security best practices top-of-mind at your organization. New tip sheets include:

  • 10 Tips for Physical Security
  • Security at Home
  • Protecting Devices and Media
  • 10 Ways to Recognize and Combat Social Engineering
  • 10 Ways to Recognize and Prevent Insider Threats
  • 10 Tips for Spotting SMishing and Vishing

Module translations & SCORM as a service additions

Multi-language translations are live for the following training modules:

Over 90 training modules are now available via SCORM as a Service. New modules include:

SecurityIQ is now Infosec IQ

In case you missed the announcement, SecurityIQ has a new name — Infosec IQ. No platform functionality has changed as a result. However, you will see the name change reflected on the login page, logo and throughout the platform.

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