Infosec IQ release: Learner phish rate rankings, notification customization & Need to Know training tools

November 08, 2019

The latest Infosec IQ release brings phish rate rankings to the learner dashboard, allowing your employees to compare their phishing resilience with their peers. New campaign notification customization options are also live along with training content additions to the Need to Know series.

Phish rankings added to the learner dashboard

From their personal dashboard, your learners can see how their phish rate ranks within your organization. This social proof allows your learners to track their relative phishing performance, compare their cyber-resilience with coworkers and motivate risk-prone employees to improve.

Notification customization & branding variables

AwareEd™ campaign notifications are now fully customizable, giving you the ability to include or remove branding elements or build an entire notification from scratch. The branded email header now exists as an optional variable you can use to push branding globally or remove to custom-build your own notifications and branding elements.

Additional email variables also give you the ability to dynamically insert your organization’s logo and colors in notification templates. This means when you update your branding elements, changes will automatically update on your existing notifications. No existing notifications are altered or affected by this update.

New Need to Know training assets

New, Need to Know-themed training content is now available helping you layer your campaign messaging and training touchpoints.

New training content includes:

  • 9 infographics
  • 28 phishing templates
  • 9 phishing education pages
  • 18 digital banners
  • 1 stakeholder presentation
  • Character image files

What’s coming next?

Read the Infosec IQ product roadmap for an overview of the training content and platform features coming in the next six months.

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