Infosec IQ release: Industry benchmarks, must-see training tools & more

February 07, 2020

The latest Infosec IQ release introduces industry and organization size benchmarks to the dashboard along with a new microlearning module, 10 anti-phishing posters and more.

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Compare training and phishing susceptibility to industry benchmarks

Compare your organization’s training performance and phish rate to industry benchmarks on your Infosec IQ dashboard to evaluate the success of your program. Select your industry and organization size for the most accurate comparison to organizations like yours.

Infosec IQ dashboard and industry benchmarks

Industry benchmarks are calculated using anonymized data from millions of Infosec IQ learners across every industry, giving you a frame of reference to assess your organization’s training achievements and identify areas for improvement.

With the latest Infosec IQ release, the Compliance Score dashboard widget and bell curve was replaced with a Training Completion widget and bar graph. However, no changes were made to the calculation of the training completion percentage.

dashboard widget benchmarks

The Click Rate Score chart was also replaced with a matching bar graph depicting your organization’s phish rate over the past 12 months.

Must-see training tools

Spoofed Websites microlearning module

Teach your employees the warning signs for spoofed websites with this microlearning training module.

Outsmart Them All anti-phishing poster series

Teach your workforce to recognize the most evil disguises cybercriminals use in their phishing attacks with our 10-poster series. Download them all from the Content Library.

avoid them all poster series

New training module translations include:

The evolution of global administration

What’s new?

In recent weeks, global administrators were given the ability to build phishing templates in any sub-account and share them with every account they manage. Sub-account administrators now have the ability to add shared phishing templates to PhishSim template batteries.

Sub-account administrators can find all phishing templates shared by global administrators under the Shared template tab.

shared phishing templates

What’s up next?

Global administrators will soon have the ability to build and share AwareEd™ campaign notifications, using the same logic as shared courses and phishing templates.

What’s coming next?

For a summary of the features listed above and an overview of all training content and platform features coming in the next six months, read the Infosec IQ product roadmap.

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