Infosec IQ release: First look at PhishHunter response orchestration

August 06, 2020

Our latest release brings the first piece of threat response orchestration to Infosec IQ. Along with the first look at the PhishHunter Orchestration Center, a new PCI DSS training module is live in the content library.

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Introducing PhishHunter response orchestration

A new attack response framework is live in the PhishHunter threat analysis tool, giving you the first look at orchestrated threat response coming to Infosec IQ. The PhishHunter Orchestration Center now creates a rule when you classify an element of an employee-reported email header as malicious.

For example, when analyzing an employee-reported email in the PhishHunter console, you can flag the from address as malicious to increase the threat score on the email by 10 percent. Next, PhishHunter creates a rule in the Orchestration Center to increase the threat score on all future employee-reported emails sent via the same from address.

phishhunter orchestration center

Access the new Orchestration Center to see your list of active rules, their conditions and the action PhishHunter takes when an employee-reported email matches the conditions.

Coming soon to the PhishHunter Orchestration Center

In the coming weeks, we’re adding customization options to the Orchestration Center and rule manager so you can custom-build threat classifications, adjust rules and improve the speed and effectiveness of your threat response efforts.

The future of PhishHunter orchestrated threat response

We’re working hard to build an automated and intelligent way for you to orchestrate your team’s response when employees report malicious emails. The future of the Orchestration Center ties PhishHunter threat intelligence, custom rules, employee notifications and security tool integrations together to help you automatically identify and respond to threats faster. We can’t wait to show you what’s coming next!

Check out the latest training content

PCI DSS: Physical Security is live! Walk your employees through the details of the PCI DSS regulation and how it relates to physical security issues like office visitors and their physical workstations. Visit the Infosec IQ content library to preview each of the seven training modules included in the new PCI DSS series.

See what’s coming next

Want a preview of the training content and features coming soon? Read the LX Labs roadmap to see what our talented content team has cooking and reference the Infosec IQ product roadmap for upcoming features.

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