Infosec IQ release: Customize your email quarantine plus new accessibility improvements

June 01, 2020

The latest Infosec IQ release adds flexibility to the employee-reported email quarantine, a more accessible training module player, monthly newsletters and training content translations.

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Customize your email quarantine

Quarantine filter rules

By default, emails reported by your employees via PhishNotify are sent to your email quarantine (and PhishHunter) so you or members of your security team can analyze and respond to threats. With new quarantine rules, you can set conditions to automatically filter out safe emails and improve the workflow when reviewing your email quarantine or PhishHunter console.

You can now build your own quarantine filter rules by identifying properties of the email subject line and/or the email header you know to be safe. All employee-reported emails matching your conditions are blocked from entering your quarantine and PhishHunter and the corresponding quarantine notification email is not sent to administrators.

For example, if an employee reports your organization’s internal email with PhishNotify, you can automatically prevent it from entering your quarantine based on the email subject line, header information or both. Although these filtered emails are not sent to your quarantine, the reporting learner’s experience is unchanged. This means the learner message and email actions follow your existing configuration.

quarnatine filter rule

Updated quarantine notifications

You can now customize the notification email you or your security staff receive when employees report a suspicious email. Specify the subject line, notification frequency and notification recipients from your PhishNotify Quarantine Settings. By default, employee-reported emails are attached in quarantine notifications. You can now select your preferred attachment format (txt or eml) to easily analyze reported emails.

Deliver a better learner experience with the improved module player

Accessibility improvements

We’ve improved closed captioning and training module navigation in Infosec IQ to make training more accessible for every learner. The default closed caption text size is now larger with a contrasting background to make it easier for learners to read. Learners can also access closed caption settings to adjust the text size, color, background, font and more to optimize their viewing experience.

The closed caption settings and all buttons on the module player are now larger, keyboard navigable and responsive to the learner’s device, making them easy to use for every learner. Each of these accessibility improvements are supported with every major web browser, including Internet Explorer 11.

Usability enhancements

In addition to the accessibility improvements above, learners can now adjust the training module volume and watch on full screen mode. The training module table of contents was also replaced with a chapters feature, allowing learners to easily rewatch a previous section or skip past chapters they have already watched.

Note: The module player enhancements above are live for all customers delivering Infosec IQ via SCORM as a Service and for the Need to Know, WORKed and future training modules only. These updates do not require you to download new SCORM packages or update active training campaigns.

need to know newsletter

Introducing the Need to Know monthly newsletter

Expand your security awareness reach and keep security best practices top-of-mind all year with our new Need to Know email newsletter. Each month, we’ll release a newsletter template covering a vital security topic. Send the monthly newsletter alongside your ongoing awareness campaign to keep your employees prepared for the greatest threats facing your organization.

What else is new

Update employee email addresses

You can now edit and update any learner’s email address in the event of a name or email address change. Updating a learner’s email address preserves the learner’s phishing and training history and does not disrupt SSO learner authentication.

Need to Know translations

11 Need to Know season one training modules are now translated in Japanese, Indonesian, Russian and Spanish (Latin American). The complete Need to Know series is now available in 14 languages.

See what’s coming next

Want a preview of the training content and features coming soon? Read the LX Labs roadmap to see what our talented content team has cooking and reference the Infosec IQ product roadmap for upcoming features.

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