Infosec IQ release: Assessment UI upgrade, campaign cloning & new training content

June 10, 2019

The latest Infosec IQ release includes visual improvements to the learner assessment interface, a new cloning feature for campaign drafts, additional content translations and expanded SCORM as a Service training coverage.

See the new-look learner assessments

Learner assessments have a brand new look, paving the way for future learner course page improvements. In addition to the visual upgrade, learners can now easily sort by all incorrect answers after completing an assessment, providing an opportunity to learn from missed questions.

The new learner assessment user interface is live for all AwareEd™ campaigns. This update does not affect campaign or course functionality in any way.

Build campaign templates with draft cloning

You can now clone campaigns saved in Draft mode, allowing you to easily copy and make edits campaigns that have not been scheduled or completed. This also allows you to leave campaigns in the draft status indefinitely to serve as a configuration template for campaigns you run frequently.

Module translations & SCORM as a Service additions

Insider Threats, which explains the security threats posed by employees, contractors and vendors, is now available in German, French and Italian.

Over 170 training modules are now available via SCORM as a Service. New modules include:

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