Security awareness training & phishing simulations

  • Reduce cybersecurity events with simulations and phishing templates.
  • Reinforce cyber secure behaviors with industry- and role-based training.
  • Strengthen cybersecurity culture while meeting compliance requirements.

Why security awareness training is essential

Security habits are the cornerstone of cybersecurity. With nearly three out of four security incidents involving the human element, employee security awareness training is crucial. Infosec IQ provides the knowledge and skills to help employees confidently navigate the digital landscape.

By implementing a security awareness training program, your organization will:

An informed team is your biggest asset for staying cyber secure in an interconnected world.

We use InfoSec to educate and evaluate our employees when it comes to handling phishing. We run monthly phishing campaigns with different templates, aimed at different departments. We also do so to adhere to some of our different client's requirements. With the tool we can also have employee's complete follow-up testing in the event they are phished to further educate them on what to look for.

TrustRadius Verified User, Technician in IT at Financial Services Company

Our approach to security awareness training

We’ve seen the difference highly relevant training content makes. People are more likely to stay engaged, retain information and adopt effective habits when training speaks to their roles and experiences.

Infosec IQ makes it easy to deliver security awareness education to every employee. Use our expertise to help you track your organization’s compliance score and address gaps in training.

Our industry- and role-based cybersecurity awareness training personalizes and contextualizes education. This approach prepares your workforce to defend against the cyber threats they’re most likely to face.

Training is mapped to one of nine core security behaviors outlined in the NIST security awareness and training guidelines. We update our massive library of resources weekly, so you can deliver fresh, relevant training to every organization member — no matter the style and tone you need.

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Infosec IQ will teach your team:

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Comprehensive security awareness & anti-phishing training

  • Unlimited security awareness training
    Includes hundreds of training modules, assessments, supporting resources and pre-built training plans.
  • Unlimited phishing simulations
    Includes 1,000+ realistic phishing templates, multiple attack types and international options.
  • Prebuilt dashboard reports
    1:1 implementation, client success & support


Integrated training and reports for large and diverse teams

  • All features included with Standard
  • LMS integration & SCORM support
    Download SCORM as a service packages to deliver Infosec IQ training from your learning management system.
  • Custom reporting
  • Global administration
    Use Infosec IQ’s multi-tenant solution to manage multiple accounts simultaneously.

Infosec IQ + Skills

Add skill and certification training for security, IT and development teams

  • All features included with Enterprise
  • Infosec Skills team subscription
    100s of hands-on cybersecurity courses and cyber ranges for security, IT & engineering teams

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Featured case study

Amway boosts security awareness of 18,000 employees


Amway’s purpose is to help people to live better, healthier lives. That purpose, according to Information Security Specialist Dan Teitsma, includes keeping Amway employees’, contractors’ and clients’ data safe from malicious actors. Learn how Dan uses Infosec IQ awareness and training to keep employees vigilant about cybersecurity threats and the data at Amway secure.

Dan Teitsma

Information Security Specialist at Amway


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