At Lakeshore IT Solutions, customers are our priority

Learn why Lakeshore IT Solutions is an Infosec Excellence Client Award winner as they work to sharpen the security awareness skills of their customers.

Lakeshore IT Solutions is an IT reseller based in Spring Grove, Illinois, working primarily in the education space. Their nine employees work hard to deliver exceptional support, be good communicators, and anticipate the needs of their customers. While all team members have security awareness experience, two engineers solely focus on networks and security to protect each client.

Security awareness training with phishing simulations is vital to Lakeshore IT Solutions because it keeps their employees and customers aware of the harm cyber incidents can cause an organization. Rian Yablun, President of Lakeshore IT Solutions, says, “It seems like there are more and more scams, even on a daily basis, that everyone needs to be protected from. Security awareness training teaches people what they should be looking out for and how to properly respond.”

“We try to help our customers as best as possible with all of our security relationships throughout the IT space.”


– Rian Yablun, President, Lakeshore IT Solutions

Lakeshore IT Solutions’ customers’ security best practices are constantly changing based on the IT landscape and as new threats emerge. “We try to help our customers as best as possible with all of our security relationships throughout the IT space,” says Yablun.

A successful partner of the Infosec Channel Program is a partner that wants to grow its business and protect its customers. This attitude encapsulates Lakeshore IT Solutions. The team meets regularly to discuss security practices for their clients. “We always try to share best practices and new and emerging technologies that we think would help our customers with their security awareness. We try to be the ones that bring the knowledge to our clients to help keep them at the top of their security game.”

Lakeshore IT Solutions is a Channel Partner of the Year finalist in the 2022 Infosec Excellence Client Awards. The Channel Partner of the Year Awards recognize partners that are integral to Infosec’s Channel Program. This award celebrates the successes of Infosec’s top-performing partners and promising new partnerships. The recipients are partners who deliver consistent growth and go above and beyond to deliver value to their clients. These partners also strive to enable their sales leaders to be well-positioned to promote Infosec products.