Cybercrime at scale: Dissecting a dark web phishing kit

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Cybercrime at scale: Dissecting a dark web phishing kit

Moving on from their Nigerian Prince antics of the past, today’s cybercriminals use sophisticated phishing kits to launch effective attacks at scale. These kits include all the elements bad actors need to steal credentials, data and money — and are readily available on the dark web for anyone with an internet connection. Since the best way to beat a cybercriminal is to understand how they work, we found a phishing kit from the dark web to see what’s inside. 

Join Cameron Bulanda, Security Engineer, and Kevin Angeley, Solution Engineer,  for a live walkthrough of what’s inside these “off-the-shelf” kits, including: 

  • Realistic data-entry pages that would make any web designer proud
  • Automated routing of harvested credentials
  • IP monitoring for blacklist evasion


Guest speaker

Cameron Bulanda

Security Engineer, Infosec

Guest speaker

Kevin Angeley

Solution Engineer, Infosec