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Java Security Guide

February 12, 2016 by
Java as a framework comes with certain inherent features that ensure the safety of deployed applications. However vulnerabilities in web applications still arise as a result of unintentional and bad coding practices. This course sheds light on some of the security issues and how they can be handled with respect to Java. In particular, the below concepts are explained in this course with reference to Java framework:
  • Introduction to Java Security
  • Secure Authentication & Authorization in Java
  • Input Data Validation in Java
  • Session Management in Java
  • Preventing arbitrary file uploads
  • Cryptography in Java
  • Exception Handling & Logging in Java
This course will take you through possible solutions in Java and provides code snippets wherever possible. At the end of the course you will be more familiar with security issues that arise out of bad coding and some of the solutions in Java to avoid them.
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Rorot (@rorot333) is an Information Security Professional with 5.5 years of experience in Penetration testing & Vulnerability assessments of web and mobile applications. He is currently a security researcher at Infosec Institute. Twitter: @rorot333 Email: