Average CCENT Salary 2018

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CCENT (Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician), the entry-level certification from CISCO is the gateway for any professional wanting to gain a footing in advanced CISCO technology, namely the CCNA and CCIE. CCENT-certified professionals are skilled not only in installing and operating, but also troubleshooting and maintaining small networks and basic network security. They form an integral part of the support staff that handles CISCO networks in an enterprise, and that is one of the reasons that companies look out for such professionals to be a part of their IT teams.

The average salary that a CCENT-certified professional draws ranges from $30,000 to $92,323. The entry-level and mid-level positions for CCENT professionals include Support Technician, Help Desk Technician, IT/Network Support Technician. The higher level positions are Information Technology Specialist, Network Administrator, and Network Engineer. The survey trends indicated by show more the merrier where experience is concerned. Depending on the years of experience as well as the kind of projects handled by the candidate, CCENT professionals are paid higher than average as the years of experience increase.

State-wise, California is most generous with its pay for CCENT-certified individuals; followed by Virginia, Florida, New York and Texas. As far as cities are concerned, the top position is held by Washington DC. Baltimore, New York City and Houston follow close behind. Although there is no notable difference between the salaries paid to men and women in this field, women do have the upper hand here, garnering a few thousand’s more than their male counterparts.

Nowadays, most small, medium and large enterprises irrespective of the industry or sector they belong to, have begun to upgrade their IT networks and become as technologically-abled as is required by them. Due to this, apart from companies in the Information Technology Services industry, CCENT professionals can also find employment in the sectors of Network and Communication Services,  Health Care, IT consulting, Manufacturing, Telecom and Software Development to name a few. CCENT professionals in non-profit organizations, educational institutions, State Government and Federal Government are paid on par with the average salary.

CCENT- certified individuals with sufficient experience who take on freelance or contract-based assignments also earn amounts that center around the average salary range.

With Cisco being one of the largest vendors in the industry, there is no shortage of jobs. The CCENT is a foundational cert for those looking to secure a networking position, as well as one of the most highly sought after certs in the industry.

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