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ITIL Interview Questions

January 10, 2015 by

Information Technology Infrastructure Library or ITIL is a set of procedures that companies use to implement, architect, and manage IT software and hardware. ITIL is managed by a team, and you could find yourself interviewing for a team of project managers who put together documentation either internally or through a consulting company. Here are some interview questions you should prepare for when searching the job market.

1. What are some risks when you design an API or outside library architecture?

A: The API can be hacked, a DDoS can bring down the servers that host the API or privacy can be compromised. It’s important to distinguish the pros and cons between internal and external architecture and privacy.

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2. What is SLA?

A: A service level agreement or SLA is the contract between an organization and its customers. Customers can be external or internal and SLA tells the user what to expect in regards to response time and uptime of any IT technology.

3. What can you use to manage SLA and employees?

A: Most companies use some kind of ticketing system whether it’s an internal ticket system programmed by developers or third part ticketing systems that manage SLA and requests.

4. What is an IT policy?

A: An IT policy manages the way communication and storage work. For instance, one IT policy can be email attachment sizes. You can restrict email attachment sizes to avoid having users that take too much space on your server storage space.

5. What is change management?

A: Change management is a group of people who identify and approve changes to the system. Change management helps all parties involved to review the changes that will take place and approve them to ensure that changes to not have a severe negative impact on the system.

6. What are some informational assets that must be included with change management?

A: The requestor should include who will implement the changes, the hardware that is affected, any software changes, who made the changes, and any organizations that could be impacted by the changes.

7. What type of testing should happen before changes occur?

A: A QA or quality analysis process is a way to create scripts and use cases to cover any input from a given user. This QA process ensures that bugs and errors do not severely impact the organization and any issues are handled within the code.

8. What are some types of testing that are done to software and hardware?

A: Stress testing checks concurrent connections and slowness, security testing tests for security, usability tests for user interface and usability, and compatibility tests for the operating system and browsers software is compatible with.

9. What does an SLA contain?

A: The SLA contains the amount of time a response is made when issues occur, the responsibility of each organization, target numbers and uptime percentages, the times at which support is available, and any change history or technical standards provided by the organization.

10. What is a service design package?

A: The SDP contains any major change requirements for new IT service and information when retiring any hardware or software.

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