Canada Flipper Zero ban and new RustDoor macOS malware

Canada bans Flipper Zero devices in car-theft crackdown, health insurance breach affects 33 million French citizens and new MacOS malware. All this and more.

AnyDesk hack and iPhone patched kernel flaw

Hackers breach AnyDesk servers to steal private code, patched iPhone kernel flaw warning and Interpol Synergia operation. All this and more.

Tesla Pwn2Own hacks and iOS push alerts abuse

Ethical hackers crack Tesla twice, popular iPhone apps abuse push notifications to steal data, and the VexTrio TDS operation. All this and more.

TeamViewer breach and Atlassian Jira outage

TeamViewer breach, Jira outage affects multiple services and Microsoft executives’ email hack. All this and more.

Moscow ISP revenge hack and Microsoft Sharepoint bug warning

Ukrainian cyber group takes down Moscow ISP, CISA warns about critical SharePoint vulnerability and fake 401K statements decoy. All this and more.

X verified accounts hack and SpectralBlur macOS malware

Hackers hijack high-profile accounts on X for crypto scams, new macOS malware allows for remote takeover and 23andMe’s victim-blaming stance. All this and more.

CISA default password alert and SOHO KV-botnet campaign

CISA urges tech vendors to stop using default passwords, KV-botnet targets critical infrastructure and BazaCall Google Forms phishing. All this and more.

New 5G modem flaws and Apple’s data breach report

5G flaw affects major smartphone brands, Apple-backed report states 2.6B records leaked in 2 yrs and U.S. senator’s security warning. All this and more.

Staples cyberattack, Agent Racoon backdoor and other news

Staples confirms cyberattack, hacker uses new Agent Racoon malware to backdoor U.S. and other entities, and the BLUFFS Bluetooth attack. All this and more.

British Library ransomware attack, Windows fingerprint authentication bypass

British Library ransomware hack, Windows Hello fingerprint authentication bypass and the Telekopye Telegram Bot. All this and more!