CGEIT certification exam study resources [updated 2021]

Daniel Brecht
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Daniel Brecht

So, you want to be Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT). To make this happen, you’ll need to be mindful of the best books, study guides, online resources, practice exams and online forums and discussion boards to help you prepare for the theory test and secure an elite score on the first attempt.

The CGEIT test is available in different languages and can now be taken via online remote proctored or at an in-person testing center. Just as other ISACA certification exams, it is not an exam for the faint-hearted and “will test your capability across many areas of IT governance, risk management and information security.” 

Earn your CGEIT certification, guaranteed!

Earn your CGEIT certification, guaranteed!

Enroll in a CGEIT Boot Camp and earn one of the most respected certifications — guaranteed.

Who is the CGEIT certification for? 

The intended target for this certification is professionals who can demonstrate a holistic approach to the area of IT governance. The exam is viewed as an indicator of the ability to work in a senior position and to understand how the correct application of IT can benefit the business as a whole.

Where would you use the CGEIT certification?

Anyone wishing to progress their career to a level of management in IT governance can benefit from the CGEIT certification. Being certified shows an ability to work within a C-level environment and be able to communicate problems and ideas at that level.

What is the best book to help prep for the CGEIT?

ISACA’s official bookstore provides a variety of study material for CGEIT candidates. This material includes several books (both print and electronic) available in English, Chinese and Japanese that will help candidates prep for the exam.

Available and first priority is the CGEIT Review Manual, 8th Edition. This manual is designed to assist CGEIT candidates in preparing for the CGEIT exam. It ensures that the aspirants have assurance responsibilities or significant advisory with regard to the governance of enterprise IT. 

The book features an easy-to-use format and covers all the CGEIT job practice areas thoroughly. The candidate can use this book alone for the CGEIT review or as a standalone exam prep publication. The CGEIT Review Manual incorporates self-assessment questions and answers, terms and definitions and resources for further study. You can buy the CGEIT Review Manual 8th Edition from ISACA’s official bookstore, either in print or electronic version.

In addition, the CGEIT Planning Guide has you discover the exam and the many benefits of the certificate to your career. What’s more, this guidebook also helps you to learn how to register, prepare for and maintain the CGEIT certification.

What are the best study guides for the CGEIT?

Once again, the official ISACA training textbooks, such as the CGEIT Review Manual, 8th Edition, can serve as great study guides. The Review Manual “... is a detailed reference guide that has been developed and reviewed by subject matter experts actively involved in governance of enterprise IT worldwide.”

Explore the CGEIT learning journeys of two different persons (from the ISACA NOW BLOG), whose approach was to read and go through the CGEIT Review Manual to fill knowledge gaps.

What are the best online resources to prep for the CGEIT?

ISACA member will have access to information through the following:

  • ISACA chapters: Enhancing and expanding ISACA's learning solutions
  • ISACA HQ: Self-study, onsite program, public offerings. Also, reviewing the training for organizations delivering ISACA certification exam preparation in the commercial market
  • Accredited training partners: Helping to enhance training experiences and outcomes to the certification program, better aligning preparation and exam-taking
  • Alternative market (Non-ISACA Affiliated Training Organization): Creating training content for qualifications

ISACA chapter members, for example, can benefit from access to a community of IT governance professionals who help members to increase their knowledge in the field. What’s more, the ISACA members have access to a wide range of programs, networking and educational opportunities, including discounts on online courses and exam preparation materials. They also gain access to events and training available at 200+ ISACA Chapters and are able to search hundreds of jobs in the Career Center.

Many other online resources are also available through online vendors. The Learning Tree offers the Certified Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT) Training. The exam preparation course is available for both classroom and online training. This four-day instructor-led course defines, establishes and manages a framework for the governance of enterprise IT. The course thoroughly covers all five domains of the CGEIT exam, and you will be able to earn 23 CPEs for completing this online course. The CPE credits are offered by the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA).

What are some online forums and discussion boards for the CGEIT exam?

By participating in ISACA’s online forum or community, users share best practices, exchange ideas and connect with professionals around the world. For example, ISACA’s Engage assemblage provides an opportunity to take part in conversations and discussions with other active members and gain access to other CGEIT Exam Prep info. In fact, the gathering has previous exam takers and those certified to respond coming forward to address questions and share their study methods or give tips that can help for the test.

In addition, Infosec’s TechExams community is one of the best online resources available to help you prepare for the CGEIT certification exam while expanding your network of industry contacts. (Why not become a member and check what there is on ISACA? Then add anything valuable to the discussions taking place.) Give it a try!

What are the best practice exams for the CGEIT?

The CGEIT Review Questions, Answers and Explanations Manual, 5th Edition, which is an up-to-date study resource for the current CGEIT exam, is the best book to gain practice exam information. In fact, it’s the best study aid to help CGEIT candidates prepare and understand the topics and questions offered in the exam. Detailed descriptions of the correct answers are given for each question so that students can understand the theory behind the question, not just the answer. 

It also presents many practice questions that, while not actual exam questions, are intended to provide the structure of content and questions that have appeared previously on the exam. With the help of this practice exam, candidates can determine their areas of weaknesses and strengths and be cognizant of areas where further study is required.

The CGEIT Certification Questions & Practice Exam prepared by EDUSUM is another important resource. They have composed questions for a sample practice test by collecting inputs from recently certified candidates and their community users. This practice exam builds readiness and confidence for the actual cert exam. CGEIT students can also learn their strong suits and weak areas that require further training. 

This practice exam offers the following features: 290+ questions via the ISACA CGEIT Question Bank, time-bound practice exams, unlimited attempts for two months, online exam for self-assessment and a 100% money-back guarantee if the candidate fails in the first attempt.

Tip: To maximize your chances of successfully passing your credentialing exam, there’s a free practice quiz with the same level of difficulty you can expect on ISACA's official CGEIT exam. Look also for training programs offered by the several chapters online: for example, there’s the one offered by ISACA Central UK Chapter that ends on Dec 18th, 2020. 

Earn your CGEIT certification, guaranteed!

Earn your CGEIT certification, guaranteed!

Enroll in a CGEIT Boot Camp and earn one of the most respected certifications — guaranteed.


CGEIT is one of the top governance, risk and compliance (GRC) certifications and can really give an edge to professionals of IT governance in their future career endeavors, progression or advancement. The certification can increase a holder’s market value by providing a proof of competence and expertise in the sector, offering a way to distinguish themselves from peers and allowing them to be part of a network of like-minded industry experts. 

Many employers today require the CGEIT credential to have some guarantee the candidate has the experience and skills to advance the IT governance of their company. Undeniably, the right study material and online resources can help a professional master the subject, face this challenging exam with confidence and have better chances of success in passing it.


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