CGEIT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) [updated 2021]

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The Certified in Governance of Enterprise IT certification (CGEIT) is a vendor-neutral IT governance certification hosted by ISACA that may help springboard cert holders to more pay and better job roles available to them. There is only a small subset of information security professionals this certification applies to: enterprise IT governance, compliance and risk management professionals that are closer to the upper echelon of career development than entry level. 

This article will detail the frequently asked questions that certification candidates may have. We will explore the answers to these pressing questions.

Earn your CGEIT certification, guaranteed!

Earn your CGEIT certification, guaranteed!

Enroll in a CGEIT Boot Camp and earn one of the most respected certifications — guaranteed.

1. What are the skill sets and work requirements in order to take the CGEIT?

ISACA has established both skillset and work experience perquisites that must be satisfied before they will be eligible for this certification. For the skill set requirement, the certification candidate must have experience in an oversight or advisory role supporting IT-related enterprise governance. 

The work experience requirement is that the candidate must have worked in this skill set for at least five years. It should be noted that since candidates have five years to submit their CGEIT application after taking the exam, candidates may opt to take the certification exam well before they have satisfied their work experience requirement.

2. What are the domains that are covered by the CGEIT?

One of the new changes to the 2020 job practice is that there are now only four domains. The domain entitled Strategic Management has been removed and the knowledge that the domain encompassed has been absorbed by the other domains. The domains of knowledge for CGEIT certification are:

Domain 1: Governance of Enterprise IT (40%)

  • Governance Framework
  • Technology Governance
  • Information Governance

Domain 2: IT Resources (15%)

  • IT Resource Planning
  • IT Resource Optimization

Domain 3: Benefits Realization (26%)

  • IT Performance and Oversight
  • Management of IT-Enabled Investments

Domain 4: Risk Optimization (22%)

  • Risk Strategy
  • Risk Management

3. How do I register for the CGEIT?

After you meet the work experience requirement and pass your certification exam, you will still need to apply for the certification with ISACA. Below are the steps you need to take to finalize your application for the CGEIT certification.

  1. Pay the application fee: Certification candidates will need to pay a one-time, non-refundable application fee.
  2. Download the CGEIT application: You can find the downloadable CGEIT application here
  3. Application submission and processing: CGEIT applications can be submitted here

4. What is the cost of the exam?

CGEIT cert candidates are required to pay an exam fee. If you are a current ISACA member, you will have to pay $575. If you are not a member, the cost is $760. 

5. What is the exam like?

The CGEIT certification exam is a multiple-choice formatted exam consisting of 150 questions. Cert candidates have four hours in which to finish their exams, which averages to 37.5 questions an hour. This means that aside from the challenging material, you will have to have some strong time management skills.

6. How can I find a convenient testing location?

After candidates register for the exam, they are emailed about eligibility to schedule for the exam via the MyISACA profile. ISACA uses continuous registration, which means candidates can register any time, anywhere. 

When scheduling your exam, if you want to take it at an exam location, you can search by country, city and postal code. You also have the option to take the exam online, which will be remote-proctored. If you choose to take the exam at home, you will need a reliable internet connection. 

7. When is the exam cert offered?

ISACA gives exam candidates a 365-day period of eligibility to schedule a date and time of their exam at the location of their choosing (either online remote-proctored or scheduling at an in-person testing center).

8. Where can I find more information on scheduling and the particulars of the actual exam date?

More information can be found here

9. What is a passing score for the exam?

To pass the CGEIT certification exam, a minimum score of 450 will need to be earned. The actual range of points available on the exam is from 200 to 800.

10. Apart from the exam registration fee, are there other fees that I need to be aware of?

Yes, there is a $50 exam application fee.

11. How will I receive my exam results?

Exam candidates can view their pass or fail status on the exam screen as soon as it is completed. Then, within ten working days, candidates will receive their official scores via email and online in their MyISACA account.

12. What are the other requirements for obtaining the CGEIT, other than passing the exam and having the required work experience?

CGEIT candidates will also need to sign and comply with the ISACA Code of Professional Ethics and adhere to the ISACA Code of Professional Education (CPE) policy, which mandates 20 CPE hours yearly and 120 hours in a three-year period.

13. What are the recommended study materials for the CGEIT?

While there are many study aids out there, there is no recommended path to take. And with the recent exam content changes, the 2013 job practice materials will not be as helpful as they used to be. I recommend the Infosec CGEIT Training Boot Camp, which can be found here, and a vigorous study regimen. 

14. I have complaints and concerns about the testing environment and the exam itself. How do I report this?

Complaints and concerns can be reported at within 48 hours of the exam. Candidates will need to provide their:

  • ISACA ID number
  • Date and time tested
  • Testing center location
  • Any relevant details

ISACA will review complaints and concerns and respond within 10 working days.

15. What is the CGEIT certification job practice?

The CGEIT certification job practice is the basis of the exam outline and the certification exam itself. The 2020 CGEIT job practice covers four domains of knowledge, which are composed of sub-topics and secondary tasks that organize the exam material. In short, the other word for domains of knowledge is job practice areas.

Earn your CGEIT certification, guaranteed!

Earn your CGEIT certification, guaranteed!

Enroll in a CGEIT Boot Camp and earn one of the most respected certifications — guaranteed.


CGEIT is an enterprise IT governance certification which is vendor neutral and can help take your career to new heights. The 2020 job practice is indeed different from previous job practices but it is ultimately by not much. Don’t let these changes stop you from pursuing the CGEIT — armed with the FAQ answers above, you have the roadmap you need to make the dream a reality.



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