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PhishSim is a phishing training and simulation tool that provides realistic phishing tests, custom templates and automatic education for employees.

Hackers Send About 156 Million Phishing Emails Every Day.

Stop phishing attacks with anti-phishing training from SecurityIQ, your employees will learn to avoid phishing attempts.

PhishSim Features

Realistic Tests

Realistic Tests

Our crowdsourced and customer-contributed phishing messages are designed and tested to simulate real-world conditions – including their ability not to land in “spam”.

Realistic Tests

Custom Templates

Develop safe behavior with engaging training and hands-on simulations!

Start with our phishing message templates or design your own. Tools like a WYSIWYG editor, variable macros, in-browser preview and email preview let anyone customize their phishing tests.

Realistic Tests

Automated Education

Phished learners are automatically presented with anti-phishing education, both on the web page where they were phished and in follow-up emails.

Realistic Tests

Phish Reporter

The SecurityIQ PhishReporter enables your employees to effectively become a part of your security team. The plugin is a simple addition to email clients, and allows users to flag suspicious emails they encounter. All non-PhishSim simulations will be logged and customized alerts can be assigned for follow-up.

PhishReporter is currently available for Outlook, Outlook365, and Gmail.

Our Major Clients

InfoSec Institute recognized in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Security Awareness Computer-Based Training
InfoSec Institute listed as Major Player in IDC MarketScape for US Security Training Ecosystem
“The quality of its instructors and training materials are viewed as the best of all vendors, as are its options for on-site and self-paced training.”


Start with our courses or build your own from our library of modules. Tools like module preview and time-to-complete calculations make course development easy for anyone.

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