SecurityIQ Update Adds New Gamification Tools, Content & Integrated Assessments

February 20, 2018

SecurityIQ’s new learner completion certificates and microlearning video series make it easier than ever to boost program engagement. Now fully integrated, learner assessments go one step further to simplify program automation and track training impact overtime. Read on for complete release details.

Gamify Learning With Training Completion Certificates

Reward your security awareness champions with SecurityIQ’s new training completion certificates. Once enabled, SecurityIQ automatically sends your learners certificates following completion of every course. Learner names and your company branding are automatically added to each certificate, allowing to you gamify learning without increasing your workload.

New Microlearning Video Series

We just released the first video in our new microlearning series to help you reach learners with limited time or shorter attention spans. Titled “One Wrong Move,” this one-minute video uses actors, professionally produced scenes and compelling narrative to reinforce the consequences of a phishing attack. Several other short-format videos will be released throughout 2018.

Other new content includes:

  • Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) module
  • Anti-Money Laundering module
  • Recognizing Phishing Emails video (2:26 minutes)
  • What is Phishing? video (1:46 minutes)

Integrated SecurityIQ Assessments Test Learner Aptitude, Knowledge Retention

SecurityIQ assessments are short, fully customizable quizzes that can be added to any training campaign to test learner comprehension, uncover additional training needs and validate active learner participation. You can build assessments using hundreds of preloaded questions in SecurityIQ or create custom questions tailored to your organization’s training goals.

Assessments are now fully integrated into SecurityIQ, joining 18 other risk-related behaviors used to generate learner report cards, scorecards and leaderboards. As your learners complete assessments, grades will change based on performance. Learner grades, or risk profiles, can then be used to auto-enroll learners into training suited to their aptitude and role.

About SecurityIQ

SecurityIQ integrates security awareness training, phishing simulations and personalized learning in one platform to drop organizational phishing susceptibility rates and motivate behavioral change. Learn more.

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