SecurityIQ Release: Multi-Language Previews, Administrative Improvements & SCORM Expansion

February 15, 2019

New administrative features and additional SCORM as a Service modules are live in SecurityIQ. The latest release includes module previews in all available languages, campaign management improvements and 18 additional modules available via SCORM as a Service.

Multi-Language Module Previews

You can now preview training modules from the content library in all available languages.

New SCORM as a Service Modules

The SCORM as a Service training module library continues to grow. Download any SCORM as a Service training module and upload it to your learning management system. New modules include:

Improved Campaign & Content Management

You can now review the campaign settings of active and completed AwareEd campaigns. Additionally, campaign drafts and custom training modules can be deleted from your SecurityIQ account.

Contact Information

Jeff Peters