SecurityIQ Product Update: August 2017

August 09, 2017

This week’s SecurityIQ feature release includes several exciting new capabilities for improved functionality. Updates include data-housing capabilities for European clients, improved reporting tools and simplified language preference management. Read on for complete release details.

Download the complete SecurityIQ features overview.

Increased Learner-Privacy Controls to Further Comply with EU-US Privacy Shield

European SecurityIQ clients now have the ability to house leaner data within the EU. This brings the SecurityIQ platform into greater compliance with the EU-US Privacy Shield framework.

Improved Reporting Functionality

Platform administrators can now add reporting administrators. Reporting administrators can be sent reports without granting them full access to the SecurityIQ platform. With this added functionality, access can be granted to a variety of administration roles for improved collaboration and analysis. Reports may also be emailed directly from the SecurityIQ platform to any user type.

Simplified Language Preference Management

Language preferences may now be selected and stored on the learner or administrator side, simplifying the planning process for large multilingual and multinational teams. Preferences can be applied to both PhishSim phishing templates and AwareEd modules for seamless customization.

New Tools for Improved Data Integrity

SecurityIQ learners may now be deactivated as needed without loss of historical data. This feature removes deactivated learners from current campaigns and active groups. Their historical data is preserved for reporting data integrity purposes.

About SecurityIQ

SecurityIQ is an integrated security training program offering awareness training, phishing simulations and dedicated client support in one platform. Together, these tools will transform your workforce into guardians of critical data and infrastructure. Our time-proven and science-backed approach to security education helps your organization reach sustained attack avoidance rates of up to 99%.

Download the complete SecurityIQ features overview.

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