Just Released! Role-Based Modules, International Phishing Templates

September 07, 2017

Several new tools were added to the SecurityIQ platform to boost the effectiveness of your security awareness training program. Our expanded content library will help you reach more of your workforce with training targeted to their responsibilities, roles and regions.

18 New Role-Based Modules for Managers & Executives

We just released 18 new role-based modules for managers and executives to increase the relevancy of your training program. By serving your team content relevant to their daily tasks, knowledge retention improves. This increases the chances of behavioral transformation and lasting impact from your training program.

These modules differ from the general modules by giving instruction specific to manager and executive responsibilities. The new modules cover core security topics like passwords, phishing, malware and others. Here is an example of how role-based training works for our Password Security module:

  • Password Security (general): Shows the general workforce how to create secure passwords and keep them safe.
  • Password Security for Managers: Teaches managers how to reinforce and support password security policies with their direct reports.
  • Password Security for Executives: Underscores the need for password security policies in the workplace and what executives can do to build workforce buy-in of security policies.

10 New OWASP Modules for Developers

We also just released 10 new modules created specifically for developers. Based on OWASP’s Top 10 Most Critical Web Application Security Risks, these modules will help your developer team stay current on the latest web application threats.

Regionalized Phishing Templates for International Clients

Our new international phishing templates are designed to mimic phishing emails seen in countries outside of the U.S. These include emails sent from region-specific retailers in languages native to the area.

Dragonfly 2.0 Phishing Templates

Added in response to the recent Dragonfly 2.0 attack on energy companies, our new Dragonfly phishing templates will allow you to phish your team using templates identical to those used in the recent attacks.

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SecurityIQ is an integrated security training program offering awareness training, phishing simulations and dedicated client support in one platform. Together, these tools will transform your workforce into guardians of critical data and infrastructure. Our time-proven and science-backed approach to security education helps your organization reach sustained attack avoidance rates of up to 99%.

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