Infosec Skills release: Skill assessments, custom practice exams and 60 new courses

September 15, 2019

Two new features are live in Infosec Skills — skill assessments and custom certification practice exams — giving you greater insight into your skill gaps and more targeted ways to close those gaps or prepare for your next certification.

Assess your Skill Rank

Are your skills novice, intermediate or expert? With skill assessments, you can test your knowledge around a specific learning path and see how it stacks up against other professionals studying the same topic, such as:

  • CompTIA Network+
  • (ISC)² Certified Authorization Professional (CAP)
  • ISACA Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)

Skill Assessments

What’s your Skill Rank? Log in to your account or start your free trial to find out.

Build a custom certification practice exam

Custom practice exams let you choose between simulating a full certification exam or customizing the exam’s length and topics to fit your learning goals and study style. With thousands of questions broken down by category, it’s never been easier to study for your next certification.

Custom certification practice exams

Log in to your account or start your free trial to study for more than 30 popular certifications.

More than 60 new courses added

We’ve added 68 new courses since our last update. Your Infosec Skills subscription now includes more than 400 courses across 50 skill and certification learning paths. New and updated paths include:

For more information on upcoming features and content, see our Infosec Flex and Skills Product Roadmap.

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