Infosec Skills release: Boot camps get upgrade, new Java and threat modeling courses

June 28, 2020

Boot camps got a major upgrade with the latest Infosec Skills release. Plus, two new learning paths went live: Writing Secure Code in Java and Threat Modeling.

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New boot camp features

Every Infosec boot camp now includes unlimited access to all the content in Infosec Skills — from the moment you enroll until 90 days after your boot camp. Explore 1,000+ hours of additional content at no extra cost, including targeted boot camp preparation, hands-on labs and projects, unlimited certification practice exam attempts and more.

Start learning immediately

Get ready for your boot camp with a series of in-depth prep courses. You’ll build fundamental knowledge and skills related to the boot camp as you progress through:

  • Videos covering key boot camp concepts
  • Labs to build hands-on experience
  • Quizzes to reinforce what you learned

Infosec Skills CompTIA Security+ Fundamentals Pre-Study Path

Get live, expert instruction

During your boot camp, you’ll get live training from experts with at least 10 years of experience. Join your boot camp, interact with your instructor and other students, and access everything you need from the comfort of your home, including:

  • Detailed courseware
  • Video recordings of each day's lessons
  • Unlimited practice exam attempts
  • Hands-on labs and other training materials

Infosec Skills cyber range

Continue building your skills

Access all of your boot camp materials, plus hundreds of other hands-on courses and labs, for 90 days after your boot camp:

  • Practice real-world scenarios that apply directly to your role
  • Start earning CPEs to maintain your new certification
  • Get a head start on your next training goal
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New Learning Paths

Writing Secure Code in Java

Explore the ins and outs of Writing Secure Code in Java in this new hands-on learning path. Learn about authentication, injection attacks, website security, malware, sensitive data and more. Then apply what you learned by adding validation and implementing Spring Security in the Writing Secure Code in Java Project.

Threat Modeling

Get an introduction to Rapid Threat Model Prototyping (RTMP) in the new Threat Modeling Learning Path. Learn how to identify security weaknesses in software design and architecture as you explore concepts like security frameworks, threat model elements and agile architecture.

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See what’s coming next

Want a sneak peek of the upcoming Infosec Skills content and new features? Check out the LX Labs content roadmap and Infosec Skills product roadmap.

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