Infosec Flex and Skills release: New cloud pentesting and secure PHP courses available

May 27, 2020

A new Cloud Penetration Testing Boot Camp is open for enrollment, and a new Writing Secure Code in PHP Learning Path is live in Infosec Skills. We’ve also made it easier for team admins to organize their learners and monitor their skill development year-round.

Cloud Penetration Testing Boot Camp

Learn how to conduct penetration tests on cloud services and applications, including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS), in the new Infosec Flex Cloud Penetration Testing Boot Camp. You’ll get hands-on experience in our custom cyber range, including:

  • Using OSINT tools and techniques to gather information
  • Abusing metadata endpoints and stealing credentials
  • Attacking storage and database service misconfigurations
  • Exploring multi-tenant environments and pivoting
  • Learning remediation steps to close security holes

You’ll also leave fully prepared to become a Certified Cloud Penetration Tester (CCPT), which validates your cloud knowledge around common vulnerabilities, platform security features, pentesting processes and tools, and reporting findings and recommendations.

Learn more about the Cloud Penetration Testing Boot Camp.

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Writing Secure Code in PHP Learning Path

Learn how to write secure PHP code in this hands-on Infosec Skills learning path. You’ll explore PHP coding best practices, web environment security principles, cryptography fundamentals, how to mitigate against common attacks and more.

The Writing Secure Code in PHP Learning Path includes:

  • Skill assessment to quickly evaluate your PHP secure coding knowledge
  • 7 courses walking you through important concepts and cornerstones of modern secure PHP programming
  • Hands-on Writing Secure Code in PHP Project where you’ll investigate and mitigate common issues like cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection, insecure secrets and lack of proper error handling

Infosec Skills Writing Secure Code in PHP Learning Path

By the end of the path, you’ll be prepared to put these concepts into practice and successfully design and build secure PHP applications.

Learn more about the Writing Secure Code in PHP Learning Path

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New team reporting features

Team admins now have two additional filters to help organize and monitor their team’s skill development:

  • Status filter allows you to easily highlight or remove active, pending and revoked learners from your reports
  • Title filter provides an additional layer of filtering beyond group and department, which is particularly useful for organizations managing large groups of learners

Admins can automatically invite new learners via CSV upload, assign those learners customized or pre-built skill development plans, and monitor team training progress year-round — all from their Infosec Skills dashboard.

Infosec Skills learner management filters

For more information on upcoming features and content, see our Infosec Flex and Skills product roadmap and our LX Labs content roadmap.

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