Infosec Skills release: New Bash scripting, threat hunting and auditing courses

June 06, 2020

Three new learning paths are live in Infosec Skills: Offensive Bash Scripting, Cyber Threat Hunting and Cybersecurity Audit Fundamentals. Your Infosec Skills subscription now includes unlimited access to more than 800 courses, browser-based labs, hands-on projects and other training content.

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Offensive Bash Scripting Learning Path

Learn one of the fundamental skills of ethical hacking in the Offensive Bash Scripting Learning Path. You’ll start by creating a virtual lab using VirtualBox and Kali Linux. Then you’ll explore foundational concepts, such as:

  • File permissions and processes
  • Network reconnaissance
  • Traffic analysis
  • Enumeration
  • Process automation
  • Network monitoring
  • Testing for common app vulnerabilities
  • Privilege escalation

The path culminates in an Offensive Bash Scripting Project where you’ll put your new skills to the test by hacking a virtual machine named Kioptrix 2.

Infosec Skills Offensive Bash Scripting Learning Path

Offensive Bash Scripting

Cyber Threat Hunting Learning Path

Learn what it takes to become a cyber threat hunter in this new Infosec Skills learning path. You’ll explore a variety of common cyber threat hunting tools and techniques as you master a repeatable, documentable cyber threat hunting methodology, including:

  • Intelligence gathering
  • Detecting anomalies in network traffic patterns 
  • Investigating malicious activity 
  • Responding to cyber threats
  • Remediating malware

In the Cyber Threat Hunting Project, you’ll investigate a potential malware infection using your new skills. Can you piece together the clues and hunt down the threat?

Cyber Threat Hunting

Cybersecurity Audit Fundamentals Learning Path

Explore best practices and controls used to reduce an organization’s risk in the Cybersecurity Audit Fundamentals Learning Path. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Audit’s role in reviewing cybersecurity controls
  • Why governance is critical to cybersecurity
  • Different components of cybersecurity operations
  • Different types of digital assets and the controls to protect them

By the end of the path, you’ll know how to identify effective, efficient and reliable controls that satisfy compliance requirements and maintain confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Cybersecurity Audit Fundamentals

For more information on upcoming features and content, see our Infosec Flex and Skills product roadmap and our LX Labs content roadmap.

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