Coalfire Selects Infosec Institute to Bolster Cybersecurity Team Training and Protect Clients Against Growing Cloud Security Threats

January 06, 2022

Leading cloud security provider invests in hands-on cybersecurity training


MADISON, WI, January 6, 2022 — Infosec Institute, a leading cybersecurity education provider, today announced their partnership with Coalfire to deliver hands-on technical cybersecurity training through the award-winning Infosec Skills platform. Coalfire is a leading cybersecurity advisor that combines extensive cloud expertise, advanced technology and innovative approaches to empower their clients to secure their digital transformations.


Today, more than 70% of security leaders are looking to the cloud to power their digital transformation. As cyber threats also move to cloud, cloud security measures, processes and policies must be in place to avoid misconfigurations and vulnerabilities that are currently the cause of many security incidents. To help organizations mitigate the risk of moving to the cloud, Coalfire has partnered with Infosec to equip their team with the latest cloud security knowledge, skills and certifications. 


“Cloud-based technologies are evolving faster than ever before. Coalfire relies on our team’s expertise to build solutions to combat the cyber threats that come with these changes,” said Karlin Clayton, vice president of learning and development at Coalfire. “By investing in cybersecurity education with a leading provider like Infosec, Coalfire is making a proactive effort to give our cybersecurity team the skills to protect not only our organization but also our global network of customers and partners.” 


Coalfire will leverage Infosec Skills to provide ongoing, hands-on training for the variety of cybersecurity professionals and developers that not only create their cloud security solutions, but also advise clients and protect client data. The training will complement Coalfire’s robust Learning and Development program through role-guided learning, equipping each learner with skills to combat the latest threats in their area of expertise. 


“We’re proud to collaborate with Coalfire to deliver role-guided cybersecurity training tailored to not only their goals but also to the ever-changing threat landscape as the world moves to the cloud,” said Jack Koziol, CEO and founder of Infosec. “Infosec Skills goes beyond simulated attacks by placing learners inside realistic scenarios with clear learning objectives at every step. This makes learning both engaging and actionable while helping cybersecurity leaders like Coalfire better equip their team to counter real-world threats.”


Through the partnership, Coalfire will leverage the Infosec Skills platform to provide additional training to members of their cybersecurity team. Named a 2021 IDC MarketScape Leader for IT Training in the U.S., Infosec Skills offers 1,200+ hands-on cybersecurity courses and cyber ranges where cyber professionals can upskill and reskill inside the operating environments they encounter on the job. 


Learn more about successfully technical training cybersecurity teams with Infosec Skills


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