50 New Training Tools for Your 2018 Awareness Initiatives

February 06, 2018

January was packed with new content and feature releases for our SecurityIQ clients. In case you missed any of our product update announcements, we’ve compiled a list of all new SecurityIQ features released in 2018.

21 New Modules for Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers can now choose from over 30 healthcare-specific security awareness training modules in SecurityIQ. Our 21 new modules include several role-based trainings for executives and managers to boost relevance and learner engagement. New modules include:

  1. Breach Notification for Healthcare Managers
  2. HIPAA/HITECH for Healthcare Managers
  3. HIPAA/HITECH for Healthcare Executives
  4. Malware & PHI for Managers
  5. Malware & PHI for Executives
  6. Mobile Security for Healthcare Managers
  7. Mobile Security for Healthcare Executives
  8. Password Security for Healthcare Managers
  9. Password Security for Healthcare Executives
  10. Phishing for Healthcare Managers
  11. Phishing for Healthcare Executives
  12. Physical Security & PHI for Healthcare Managers
  13. Physical Security & PHI for Healthcare Executives
  14. Removable Media & PHI for Healthcare Managers
  15. Removable Media & PHI for Executives
  16. Safe Web Browsing for Healthcare Managers
  17. Safe Web Browsing for Healthcare Executives
  18. Social Engineering for Healthcare Managers
  19. Working Remotely for Healthcare Managers
  20. Working Remotely for Healthcare Executives
  21. Ransomware & HIPAA

10 New Modules for Financial institutions

Financial institutions can now increase workforce security awareness with trainings designed specifically for financial sector employees. Each module addresses security and compliance concerns unique to the industry, including banking trojans, FINRA violations and money transfer fraud.

  1. Malware for Financial Institutions
  2. Mobile Security for Financial Institutions
  3. Password Security for Financial Institutions
  4. Phishing for Financial Institutions
  5. Physical Security for Financial Institutions
  6. Removable Media for Financial Institutions
  7. Safe Web Browsing for Financial Institutions
  8. Social Engineering for Financial Institutions
  9. Social Media for Financial Institutions
  10. Working Remotely for Financial Institutions

11 New Modules for Schools, Colleges & Universities

Educational organizations can now add 11 education-specific modules to their awareness training programs. New modules include:

  1. Working Remotely for Educators
  2. Safe Web Browsing for Educators
  3. Social Engineering for Educators
  4. Removable Media for Educators
  5. FERPA for K-12
  6. FERPA for Post-Secondary Education
  7. Physical Security & Student Records
  8. Phishing for Educators
  9. Password Security for Educators
  10. Malware for Educators
  11. Mobile Security for Educators

Other Additional New Modules

  1. Protecting Federal Tax Information
  2. Vishing
  3. SMiShing

Expanded Language Options

  • Dutch
  • Italian
  • British English

New Feature Releases

  • Assessments: SecurityIQ assessments are short, fully customizable quizzes that can be added to any training campaign to test learner comprehension, uncover additional training needs and validate active learner participation. You can build assessments using hundreds of preloaded questions in SecurityIQ or create custom questions tailored to your organization’s training goals. Learn more.
  • Phishy Domains: Phishy Domains let you to send phishing simulations to your team from any available domain and TLD. This prepares your employees for one of the most effective phishing methods used by hackers — typosquatting. Learn more.

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