CISOs and Directors of Security

The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) provides full protection for all data leaving and entering the business.

CISOs and Directors of Security Overview

Protecting the electronic information generated and stored within a company is a high level job that requires both education and experience in the IT industry. A qualified Director of Security is responsible for maintaining privacy, protecting confidential information and ensuring that a well-functioning security system remains in place.

The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) provides full protection for all data leaving and entering the business. The director of security holds a background in all aspects of information technology and has a complete understanding of current hardware and software systems used in the business and in similar industries. The position requires the ability to predict possible threats on security and to continually be aware of new changes in IT security systems. Qualified candidates possess proven communication skills and interact regularly with management and technical personnel to develop and implement security strategies.

Job Duties

The Director of Security ensures that proper firewalls, antivirus software and other security protections are installed and working properly. They design the appropriate security systems and keep abreast of any changes affected by adding new equipment or technology. Other job duties include recommending new regulations within the company to protect both internal and external data transfers. The position requires an individual that has the ability to create, monitor and revise all security protection and immediately resolve issues. The officer must foresee potential threats and develop effective strategies to combat security violations.

How to become a(n) CISOs and Directors of Security

Becoming a C-Level Security director requires several years of both managerial and technical security roles. Many CISOs have a wide range of certifications under their names too, the most popular being the CISSP.

Common Courses for CISOs and Directors of Security

(ISC)² CISSP Certification Training and Boot Camp

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CompTIA CASP+ Training Boot Camp

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Career Outlook

This relatively new job position shows promise for future employment opportunities and receives a B rating for future potential. As more businesses use electronic methods for their transactions, the need for greater information protection increases. CISO job openings may grow in large corporations but could be at risk in smaller organizations that may choose to fill the need through other IT personnel.

Outlook GradeB+

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