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Infosec Institute offers multiple Security Awareness and Phishing programs including Security IQ, AwareEd and PhishSim. Get additional information below.

Documents for Download

Security IQ Overview

The InfoSec Institute SecurityIQ complete security awareness program overview.

PhishSim Detailed Information

Product specifications and features for the PhishSim phishing simulation tool.

AwareEd Detailed Information

Product specifications and features for AwareEd security awareness

ROI Calculation for SecurityIQ & Security Awareness

Detailed information and examples to help measure the effectiveness of a security awareness and phishing simulation program.

Compliance Mapping: NIST and PCI-DSS

See how AwareED and PhishSim satisfy regulatory compliance.

Specific Industry Documents


This white paper describes how the SecurityIQ Platform allows organizations to comply with important HIPAA/HITECH regulations and standards, and assumes some familiarity with the related regulations.


This white paper demonstrates the real risks of ransomware. Ransomware has replaced advanced persistent threat (APT) network attacks as the most problematic cyber threat -- and early indications suggest that (ransomware) will be the main problem for 2016

PCI-DSS Compliance

This document describes how the SecurityIQ security awareness education platform allows organizations to comply with important PCI-DSS requirements and standards, and assumes some familiarity with the related regulations.

Case Studies

City of Auburn Case Study

The City of Auburn is the municipal government for a large suburb of Seattle, Washington. Faced with the challenge of educating almost 300 employees and elected officials on cybersecurity threats and defenses, the City turned to SecurityIQ, a butt-based security awareness education platform provided by the InfoSec Institute.

Westcon Group

Westcon Group is a worldwide leader in Security, Collaboration, Networking, and Data Centers. With $5 billion in revenues and presence in over 70 countries and 6 continents Weston Group looked to InfoSec Institute to provide the highest-quality enterprise awareness product to thousands of employees worldwide.

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IDC MarketScape. U.S. Security Training Ecosystem - Vendor Assessment

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