Developing Secure Code

You have designed the general application architecture and performed threat modeling to identify potential vulnerabilities.

15 videos  //  150 minutes of training

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Course description

You have followed a risk management process to identify how you will deal with each vulnerability, including specific countermeasures that you have incorporated into the design. Now it’s time to start coding. In this course, you will follow best practices for secure coding, prevent defects that lead to security vulnerabilities common to various platforms, and prevent defects that lead to privacy vulnerabilities.

Course syllabus

Follow Best Practices for Secure CodingDuration: 15:00

Activity: Researching Secure Coding Best PracticesDuration: 8:27

Prevent Memory ErrorsDuration: 8:37

Prevent Memory Errors, Part 2Duration: 6:48

Maintain Secure Formatting and Resource AccessDuration: 11:46

Activity: Preventing a Race ConditionDuration: 6:24

Prevent Privacy VulnerabilitiesDuration: 13:43

Activity: Handling Privacy DefectsDuration: 4:36

Prevent Platform Vulnerabilities, Part 1Duration: 11:42

Prevent Platform Vulnerabilities, Part 2Duration: 14:31

Activity: Staging an XSS Attack on the Web AppDuration: 9:27

Prevent Mobile Platform VulnerabilitiesDuration: 12:04

Prevent Mobile Platform Vulnerabilities, Part 2Duration: 14:09

Prevent IoT Platform VulnerabilitiesDuration: 3:19

Prevent Desktop Platform VulnerabilitiesDuration: 9:44

Meet the author

Chrys Thorsen


Chrys Thorsen is a technology and education consultant with 25 years of experience. Her work has taken her around the U.S. and overseas, including as a contractor for the CDC using technology to help fight HIV/AIDS in Africa. During her career, she has acquired 40 IT certifications, authored over 25 textbooks on a wide range of IT subjects, including secure iOS and Android coding, and created an equal number of IT-related video courses. When not working, Chrys enjoys reading scientific articles and experimenting with Internet-of-Things devices. She currently lives in Virginia with her sister, her cat and her dog which, as she describes it, "have the worst sibling rivalry imaginable."

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  • 190+ role-guided learning paths and assessments (e.g., Incident Response)
  • 100s of hands-on labs in cloud-hosted cyber ranges
  • Create and assign custom learning paths
  • Custom certification practice exams (e.g., CISSP, CISA)
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IDC MarketScape Leader: U.S. IT Training

IDC MarketScape Leader: U.S. IT Training

Infosec Skills

eLearning Content

eLearning Content

Infosec Skills

Best Product - Cybersecurity Training for Infosec Professionals

Best Product - Cybersecurity Training for Infosec Professionals

Infosec Skills

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Security Education & Platform

Infosec Skills

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Ranked #52 in Top 100 Global Software Sellers