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CompTIA Network+ certification: A 2024 salary analysis

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February 20, 2024 by
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The heart of the IT world is a complex network of interconnected systems. Building, maintaining and securing these vital arteries are network professionals armed with the knowledge and skills to ensure seamless data flow and robust security. 

The CompTIA Network+ certification is your first step in this dynamic field. Equipping you with the foundational skills and knowledge needed for diverse IT and cybersecurity roles, Network+ certification opens doors to exciting career opportunities. This article explores the salary potential, career paths, and the in-demand skills that await you with Network+ certification. 

Understanding networking job roles 

Before we look at salaries, let's explore networking careers and how the CompTIA Network+ certification lays the groundwork for your success. 

Network+ validates your understanding of core networking concepts and protocols, equipping you with skills to: 

  • Configure and manage network devices like routers, switches and firewalls. 

  • Secure networks by implementing access control and encryption measures. 

  • Troubleshoot connectivity issues and optimize network performance. 

  • Understand network design principles and implement basic configurations. 

Earn your Network+ certification, guaranteed!

Earn your Network+ certification, guaranteed!

Enroll in an upcoming live online boot camp and earn your CompTIA Network+, guaranteed.

These skills are highly sought after in various IT and cybersecurity roles. When you're Network+ certified, you can pursue careers such as: 

  • Network security analyst: Monitor network activity for suspicious behavior, investigate potential threats and implement security measures. 

  • Network engineer: Evaluate infrastructure needs, test and deploy new technologies and ensure networks can scale securely. 

  • Data architect: Design and build secure data storage and retrieval systems, optimize data flow and ensure data integrity. 

  • Network security specialist: Focus on specific aspects of network security, such as intrusion detection and prevention, vulnerability management, or network forensics. 

  • Solutions architect: Design and Implement IT solutions that meet business needs, including network infrastructure, security systems, and data management platforms. 

  • Cybersecurity analyst: Analyze cyber threats and vulnerabilities, develop and implement security policies and respond to security incidents. 

Average CompTIA Network+ salary 

To paint a realistic picture of the earning potential a Network+ certification can provide, we'll use three credible sources: 

  • Payscale: This platform focuses on salary data specifically for CompTIA Network+ holders, providing insights directly from professionals in the field. 

  • Here, you'll find salary estimates for standard junior networking job titles often filled by Network+ certified individuals. 

  • Glassdoor: This platform offers salary ranges based on user-submitted data, including additional compensation like bonuses and benefits. 

Considering these factors, based on these three sources, the average salary for Network+ holders ranges from $75,000 to $79,234, with a rough estimate of around $77,078. This represents a positive trend compared to our previous average of $72,430, indicating a strong demand for network professionals with this certification. 

Factors influencing Network+ salaries 

While $77,078 represents the average, many factors can influence the earning potential for CompTIA Network+ certified professionals, including job role, experience level, location, and industry. 

How job roles affect salary 

Your chosen career within the vast IT landscape plays a significant role in determining your compensation. Here's how some of the roles we mentioned earlier translate into salary ranges based on data from Payscale: 

  • Network security analyst: $49,000 - $98,000 

  • Network engineer: $54,000 - $111,000 

  • Data architect: $85,000 - $120,000 

  • Network security specialist: $60,000 - $122,000 

  • Solutions architect: $75,000 - $186,000 

  • Cybersecurity analyst: $56,000 - $116,000 

How experience affects salary 

The longer you work in networking, the more refined your skills become, and so does your earning potential. Entry-level positions with Network+ typically fall within the lower range of the salary spectrum, while senior-level positions with years of experience can expect higher pay. shows a clear progression: 

  • Junior network engineer (1-3 years): $68,123 

  • Network engineer (4-7 years): $82,345 

  • Senior network engineer (8+ years): $98,567 

How location and industry affect salary 

Geography also contributes to the salary you can expect as a Network+ holder. Major tech hubs will have companies willing to pay more, while smaller cities will have salaries closer to the national average. Remember that cost of living may offset higher salaries in metropolitan areas such as New York City, NY and Sunnyvale, CA. Here are some examples of average salaries around the country from ZipRecruiter 


  • Tennessee: $81,615 

  • Alaska: $74,552 

  • California: $67,396  

  • Illinois: $63,174 

  • Georgia: $52,316 

  • Sunnyvale, CA: $92,230 

  • Santa Rosa, CA: $89,329 

  • Cambridge, MA: $86,789 

  • New York City, NY: $84,650 

  • Costa Mesa, CA: $83,386 

Different industries also offer varying compensation packages. For example, network professionals in finance or healthcare might see slightly higher salaries than those in education or non-profit organizations. Additionally, top tech companies often offer competitive salaries and attractive benefits packages. 

Earn your Network+ certification, guaranteed!

Earn your Network+ certification, guaranteed!

Enroll in an upcoming live online boot camp and earn your CompTIA Network+, guaranteed.

Network+ in-demand skills and trends 

As the IT industry evolves, so do the skills needed. The CompTIA Network+ certification remains relevant because it covers a broad spectrum of networking skills in high demand in the job market. Some of these evolving skills covered by Network+ include: 

  • Cloud computing: As businesses increasingly migrate to the cloud, professionals skilled in managing cloud networks become highly sought after. 

  • Cybersecurity: With the growing threat of cyberattacks, there is a rising demand for professionals who can secure networks and protect sensitive data. 

  • Virtualization: Virtualization technologies simplify the management of network resources, making professionals proficient in these technologies highly desirable. 

  • Software-defined networking (SDN): SDN Technologies allow for greater flexibility, automation, and network management, making professionals skilled in SDN a valuable asset. 

The Network+ exam will be updated in 2024 to ensure it stays relevant in a rapidly changing job market and technological landscape. Typically, about 20% of the exam is adjusted each year to reflect the current demands of employers. This continuous update process ensures that the Network+ certification remains a reliable indicator of a candidate's networking skills. 

Network+ demand and career opportunities 

Networking is the backbone of IT, providing the infrastructure that powers virtually every aspect of modern technology. Having networking skills gives you a wide variety of career paths: 

  • Specialize in the cloud: With a solid foundation in networking, professionals can choose to specialize in cloud computing, managing and optimizing cloud environments. 

  • Transition to cybersecurity: Network+ professionals can leverage their knowledge to transition into cybersecurity roles, focusing on securing networks from threats and protecting sensitive data. 

  • Pursue management roles: With further experience and education, Network+ professionals can move into managerial positions, overseeing teams and projects related to network operations and security. 

  • Move into a compliance role: Professionals can also transition into compliance rules, ensuring that organizations adhere to data protection and privacy regulatory requirements. 

For a real-world example of where a Network+ certification can take you, we can look at the story of Jason Mondragon. Jason initially started his career as a Network+ professional. His expertise in networking allowed him to transition into a role as a cybersecurity analyst, where he leveraged his skills to protect sensitive data and networks from threats. His journey is a testament to the versatility of the Network+ certification and the vast array of career paths it can lead to. 

Preparing for your Network+ 

Ready to join the ranks of skilled network professionals? Earning your CompTIA Network+ certification is the key that unlocks doors to diverse career paths and rewarding possibilities. But where do you begin? 

Infosec, a top CompTIA Authorized Delivery Partner, offers diverse resources to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to ace the Network+ exam. Whether you prefer intensive learning or self-paced exploration, Infosec has you covered: 

  • CompTIA Network+ Training Boot Camp: Immerse yourself in a live, 5-day boot camp led by industry experts. This comprehensive program covers all exam objectives through interactive lectures, hands-on labs, and practice tests, ensuring you're fully prepared for exam day. 

  • CompTIA Network+ Learning Path: Take control of your pace with Infosec's comprehensive on-demand learning path. This flexible option combines video lectures, interactive labs, and practice exams, allowing you to learn at your convenience. 

If you're still curious about Network+ certification and want deeper insights into what it covers and its value, be sure to register for our upcoming Network+ webinar. This informative session, hosted by CompTIA, will provide you with firsthand information about the exam, career paths, and valuable tips for success. 

Earn your Network+ certification, guaranteed!

Earn your Network+ certification, guaranteed!

Enroll in an upcoming live online boot camp and earn your CompTIA Network+, guaranteed.

Is Network+ worth it? 

In a world driven by data and interconnectedness, the answer to that question is a definite yes. The CompTIA is your passport to a dynamic and in-demand career in IT and cybersecurity. 

The Network+ is worth your investment because it: 

  • Opens doors to diverse careers: From network engineering and security to cloud computing and IT support, Network+ equips you with foundational skills. 

  • Boosts your earning potential: The average salary for a Network+ holder is $77,078. 

  • Is recognized and valued by employers: CompTIA Network+ is a globally recognized certification trusted by leading organizations in various industries. 

  • Will future-proof your skills: Technology constantly evolves and Network+ stays ahead of the curve. 

Investing in a Network+ certification is an investment in your future. It's a commitment to personal growth, professional success, and becoming a valuable asset in the ever-evolving landscape of IT. So, take the first step, explore the resources available, and unlock your potential in networking. 

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