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Securing any (ICS)² certification requires passing an exam. For CSSLP, you need to answer 125 questions in multiple-choice question format within three hours. Candidates have to score at least 700 out of 1,000 points to pass the exam. While challenging, you can get a good score with the right CSSL resources and study plan.

Learning from the right materials can be the difference between failing and passing and can get you the best possible results in the shortest time.

What is the best CSSLP study guide?

Wondering how to study for CSSLP? Compiling the best preparation books and guides should be your first step. Below, we highlight some valuable learning materials that you can include in your CSSL study plan. 

CSSLP Certification All-in-One Exam Guide, Second Edition

This book is an excellent resource for CSSLP exam preparation because it contains great practice questions. The information provided is timely and relevant, and its coverage of the eight domains is thorough. This study book also serves as an essential on-the-job reference. The book's online content also contains a test engine that offers customized quizzes by exam domain and full-length practice exams. A third edition will be released on Feb. 4, 2022 — buy the latest available edition here

Official (ISC)2 Guide to the CSSLP ((ISC)2 Press) 2nd Edition

(ISC)² lists this book in the self-study resources section of its website — it may be the best of the bunch. Highly popular amongst aspiring CSSLP candidates, this book offers the tools and resources to enhance your security knowledge in each phase of the software lifecycle. It provides key illustrations to make complex security topics easier to understand.

There's also practice exercises to enable you to understand and apply the concepts in CSSLP CBK in real-life situations. You can grab a copy of this book from here

What are the best online discussion boards for the CSSLP exam?

Joining a discussion board is another way to enhance your knowledge of the CSSLP domains. You can ask questions to clear any confusion, help others by sharing your learning and more. Some boards even have IT professionals who are willing to clear your concepts. 

The (ISC)² community has a CSSLP study group that you can join. It offers an opportunity to connect with others and share your own exam-related experiences. More details can be found here

Another excellent board is TechExams. Here, you'll find lots of valuable conversations around the CSSLP exam, including the upcoming changes to the exam format, candidate experiences and more. 

Where can I find CSSLP practice exam questions?

Many companies offer CSSLP practice exam questions. Generally speaking, practice tests from institutes selling educational content can be trusted to offer reliable questions because their reputation depends on it. Here are some of the best sources of practice questions for CSSLP exam preparation:

  • CertLibrary – offers free CSSLP exam and CSSLP practice questions.

Number of questions: 355

  • Udemy – has a $24.99 course offering two CSSLP practice exams.  

Number of questions 203

  • EDUSUM – provides free CSSLP practice questions and study guides.

Number of questions: 10 

What are the best CSSLP training courses?

You can also prepare for the CSSLP exam by signing up for a training course. The benefit of taking this route is that you will learn from the experts and get updated material that otherwise would require a lot of research to compile and sort.

You can either take: 

Self-paced CSSLP training courses

As the name indicates, these courses allow you to learn in your own time and schedule. The following are some of the best self-paced CSSLP training courses:

Official (ISC)² CSSLP flashcards

Study for the CSSLP exam anytime with unique, interactive flashcards. These cards test your knowledge of CSSLP domains while giving you immediate feedback about whether or not your answers are accurate. You can measure your progress through weekly or bi-weekly sessions. Learn more about Official (ISC)² CSSLP Flashcards here.

Intellipaat's CSSLP certification training course

This course contains 32 hours of self-paced videos. It's designed by experts to help you master CSSLP domains and get certified as an expert in application security. Plus, it offers 24/7 support that you can access whenever you have any doubts or need help from your instructors. You can purchase it here.

CSSLP certification boot camps

If the exam date is just a month or two away, joining a boot camp can be an excellent way to speed up your learning. In a CSSLP certification training camp, you'll be able to train rigorously over a short period. Some people will find that learning through short, fast-paced sessions is better for their schedule than self-paced learning.

Many organizations offer live CSSLP training, but the Infosec CSSLP Certification Boot Camp is possibly the best resource available for preparing for your CSSLP. It provides everything you need to give the exam with confidence and get certified:

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • CSSLP exam voucher
  • Unlimited attempts at taking CSSLP practice exams
  • Five days of live, expert CSSLP instruction
  • 90-day access to all boot camp videos and replays
  • Exam pass guarantee for live online pupils
  • Hundreds of additional hands-on labs and courses
  • Knowledge transfer guarantee

You can get a quote from Infosec by filling out a simple form at any time.

Study up and get CSSLP certified

One of the biggest challenges in earning the CSSLP certification is passing the CSSLP exam. Those looking to get a leg up on exam preparation can leverage the above resources to realistically earn a passing score. We hope you can put the time you saved searching for CSSLP study guides towards brushing up your knowledge and earn the certification to advance your career.


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