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Dan Virgillito

Becoming a certified CDPSE professional requires you to clear an exam. For this ISACA certification, you must answer 120 multiple-choice questions in three-and-a-half hours. The minimum passing score is 450, with the exam having a total of 800 possible points. Though challenging, you can get a good score on your first attempt with the right CDPSE study materials and training resources.

Once you take advantage of them, you'll be more prepared and confident for the ISACA CDPSE exam. Learning from the right materials is key to getting the best possible results in a short period. 

Free ISACA Career Kit

Free ISACA Career Kit

ISACA certification holders are among the highest-paid in the industry, with average salaries ranging from $103,000 to $133,000, according to Payscale. Earn one of the highest-paying certifications in the industry.

What is the best CDPSE study guide?

Wondering how to study for CDPSE? Well, your first step should be to compile the best preparation books and guides. Below, we share some valuable learning resources that you can include in your CDPSE study plan.

The CDPSE Review Manual | Digital | English

The CDPSE review manual is organized to help ensure the proper integration of IT privacy solutions that lead to an optimal user experience while mitigating potential risks. This manual is available on the ISACA portal and is the most detailed, current and peer-reviewed privacy principles resource. Going through it will help you get a good grip on the three CDPSE domains and even secure a practical privacy desk reference for the future.

CDPSE Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer All-in-One Exam Guide

This CPDSE learning book helps candidates with so much more than exam preparation. It covers information privacy in a way that facilitates concise and clear conversations with executives about privacy-related implementations. You'll also find exam tips and practice exam questions in the guide — it's "all-in-one" for a reason.   

What are the best online discussion boards for the CDPSE exam?

Discussing privacy-related concepts with others is another way to prepare for the CDPSE exam. You can join an online discussion board where you can ask questions to clear any confusion. Other aspiring CDPSE candidates would also welcome your input, so feel free to share any tips you may have about preparing for the exam.  

ISACA has a CDPSE Exam Prep forum that you can join. The entity invites exam registrants to share their questions and discuss study methods with other members. You can find more details about the forum here.

TechExams is another great discussion board for improving your CDPSE concepts. Joining it will allow you to participate in valuable conversations around the CPDSE exam, including upcoming changes to the exam format, past exam experiences and more. 

Where can I find CDPSE exam questions?

Many institutes offer CDPSE practice exam questions. You can generally take practice tests from companies selling educational content, as they can be trusted to offer reliable material because their reputation is at stake. Below are some of the best sources for CDPSE practice exam questions:

Number of questions: 300 

  • EDUSUM – offers free CDPSE practice questions and study guides. 

Number of questions: 10 

What are the best CDPSE training courses?

You can also prepare for the CDPSE exam by joining a training course. Such courses allow you to learn directly from the experts and access updated material that otherwise would require a lot of time to find and organize. You can choose from: 

Self-Paced CDPSE Training Courses

As the name indicates, self-paced courses let you study on your own terms and hours. Here are some of the best self-paced CDPSE training courses:

ISACA CDPSE Online Review Course

The contents of this self-paced course correspond directly to the CDPSE exam outline. It features a practice exam, a self-assessment section and e-learning modules. It takes around 22 hours to go through the contents, but you're free to navigate the course at your own pace. 

Cyber Brain Academy's Self-Paced CDPSE Training

This training course offers a comprehensive, easy-to-read manual that reinforces the crucial concepts tested in the CDPSE exam. You also get over a thousand sample exam questions and two full-length, timed practice exams to help prepare you for the CDPSE.

CDPSE Certification Boot Camps

If your exam date is fast approaching, joining a boot camp might be the best way to prepare for the CDPSE exam. In a CDPSE certification boot camp, you'll attend short, fast-paced sessions to improve your knowledge and expertise in the CDPSE domains.

Many companies offer live CDPSE training, but Infosec's Certified Data and Privacy Solutions Engineer (CDPSE) Boot Camp is possibly the best resource available for exam preparation. Infosec is amongst the select number of ISACA accredited Elite+ partners around the globe. When you enroll in one of Infosec's boot camps, you can rest assured you are getting the most up-to-date and effective certification prep available, including the official ISACA review manual and exam databases.

Infosec CDPSE Boot camp highlights:

  • CDPSE exam voucher
  • Knowledge Transfer Guarantee 
  • Five days of CPDSE instruction (in-person or live)
  • 90-day access to all materials and video replays
  • Learning by doing with extra hands-on labs and courses
  • Immediate access to Infosec skills
  • Exam pass guarantee for online live pupils
  • Unlimited CDPSE Certified Data and Privacy Solutions Engineer practice exam attempts

You can request a quote from Infosec by willing out a simple form at any suitable time.

Free ISACA Career Kit

Free ISACA Career Kit

ISACA certification holders are among the highest-paid in the industry, with average salaries ranging from $103,000 to $133,000, according to Payscale. Earn one of the highest-paying certifications in the industry.

Study up and become CDPSE-certified

The outline of the CDPSE exam can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Fortunately, the study resources and training covered in this article are designed to help you shake off that feeling and be confident going into the exam. We hope you can gear the time you save searching for CDPSE study resources towards improving your knowledge and secure the certification to climb the career ladder.



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