New ways to engage with your Infosec Skills platform

May 30, 2023

"How much progress have I made in this course?"

"Where do I download my course completion certificate?"

"What should I learn next in Infosec Skills?"

Whether you’re new to Infosec Skills or have a few course completions under your belt, this post will show you the improvements we’ve made to enhance your learning experience, better discover and design your next training paths, and make it even easier to navigate within the platform.

Highlight the most important learning priorities with an improved learner dashboard

The updated dashboard view lets you jump into your training and gain visibility into new learning opportunities. The dashboard is structured into categories to highlight your training progress. Key personalized courses are now showcased at the top, followed by assigned courses and current progress. You won’t have to dig to find your progress or accidentally miss an important course. But don’t worry about cluttering your screen. These categories will only display on your learner dashboard if you have items in those categories. 

Easily access all of your completion certificates directly from your dashboard

The updated dashboard includes a new My Completed Training section. Here, you can easily track all of your accomplishments and download your completion certificates from the dashboard. A quick and straightforward way to get those continuing education credits and share your success with your network.

Quickly find the training you need with new search and filter options

It’s never been easier to browse and navigate through Infosec Skills’s thousands of training resources to find the training you need. OpenSearch now powers all pages under the “Learn” menu. Looking for a course on cloud security? Only interested in certification courses only? How about searching for courses relevant to a specific job role? Our improved search function can meet all these needs and more, filtering your results in a digestible way. 

Complete your course assessment in an improved, user-friendly format

Maximize your certification readiness with our new and improved Practice Exams. After a brief overview of what to expect during your exam, you are guided through each question within our improved layout to help you stay focused. You can also create a Custom Practice Exam by selecting the categories you want to drill in on, and the platform will automatically generate a set of questions.

These UX enhancements are part of the Infosec Skills product roadmap to improve the platform and provide our learners with the best experience. Check out our product pillars for what’s next. 


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