Infosec IQ release: Learner dashboards help employees take an active role in their education

October 11, 2019

The latest Infosec IQ release brings phishing metrics to the learner dashboard. In addition to their past and present course work, learners can now view their personal phish rate, email report percentage and review their performance on each simulated email that hits their inbox.

The new release also includes Am I Hacked? and Creating a Cyber Secure Home training modules plus new SCORM as a Service module conversions.

Bringing transparency to the learner experience

The Infosec IQ learner dashboard gives each employee a personalized learning center to complete their assigned cybersecurity training and review past performance. This encourages learners to take an active role in their cybersecurity education, gives them the ability to learn from past mistakes and grants them the flexibility to complete training when it’s most convenient.

The latest Infosec IQ release includes several learner dashboard additions and splits learner history and performance into two components — Course Work and Phishing.

Help employees keep tabs on training

The Course Work section allows learners to access all present and past training courses. This gives them the opportunity to continue in-progress training courses, complete past due assignments, revisit completed courses and training modules and select a preferred training language. By clicking into an individual course, the learner can watch assigned training modules, complete assessments, review your organization’s security policy and download course completion certificates.

Note: Learners are not redirected to the learner dashboard from AwareEd™  enrollment and reminder emails. They can only navigate to the dashboard from the course page.

Enable phishing performance history

The new Phishing section brings personalized phishing simulation data to the learner dashboard. Each learner can view their simulated phish rate and email report rate. If a learner has never reported a phishing email, the report rate widget is replaced with a training module with instructions on reporting suspicious emails.

Learners can also access their phishing history from the learner dashboard. The Phishing Details page lists the subject line, attack type and date of each simulated phishing email they have received. It also highlights simulated phishing emails the learner has opened, reported or clicked.

learner dashboard phishing details

If you do not want to give learners access to their phishing performance or history, you can disable the Phishing section of the learner dashboard from the Account Settings.

Fresh security awareness & training content

Am I Hacked? (English & German)

Learn the signs that your computer or one of your devices has been hacked, and how to respond.

Creating a Cyber Secure Home (English & German)

This module covers steps learners can take to protect their home networks and personal devices, and the value of creating backups of important files.

What else is new?

  • PhishNotify launch email: HTML and plain text email templates to help your learners use the PhishNotify email report button and notify them of upcoming phishing simulations and trainin
  • Program plans and kits filter: Quickly access and download every Infosec IQ program plan and campaign kit from the content library
  • SCORM as a Service is now available for over 200 training modules

What’s coming next?

Read the Infosec IQ product roadmap for an overview of the training content and platform features coming in the next six months.

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