Winners announced for the 2022 Infosec Excellence Client Award Program

February 01, 2023

MADISON, WI, February 1, 2023 Infosec Institute, a leading cybersecurity education provider and part of Cengage Group, today announced the winners of its 2022 Infosec Excellence Client Awards. The award program recognizes Infosec clients’ and partners' most impactful, innovative and empowering security awareness and training initiatives. Honors were given in three categories: Impact Awards, Skills Development Awards and Channel Partner Awards. 


The Impact Awards celebrate success stories from Infosec’s most innovative and inspiring clients. Award-winning success stories detail high-impact, innovative security awareness and training initiatives that empower employees and motivate effective security habits. Notable achievements include increases in reported phishing emails, decreases in organization-wide security events and a noticeable change in overall security culture.

Winners of the 2022 Infosec Impact Awards are: 


The Skills Development Awards recognize organizations and individuals who embody the mindset of continuous skill development. Development Award winners excel at upskilling internal technical teams or setting a high standard within those teams for ongoing professional development. The recipients believe knowledge is power and are champions of advocating for or participating in training for continuing education. 

Winners of the 2022 Infosec Skills Development Awards are: 


The Channel Partner of the Year Awards recognize partners who are integral parts of Infosec’s Channel Program. This award celebrates the successes of Infosec’s top-performing partners and promising new partnerships. The recipients are partners who deliver consistent growth and who go above and beyond in building a solid partnership. These partners also strive to enable their sales leaders to be best positioned for promoting Infosec products.

Winners of the 2022 Infosec Channel Partner of the Year, Best Performance Awards are: 

  • TechGuard Security, an organization protecting critical infrastructures with cyberspace solutions for government and business 
  • Lakeshore IT, an IT reseller based in Spring Grove, Illinois

Winners of the 2022 Infosec Channel Partner of the Year, Best New Partner Awards are: 

  • Integris, a technology services company, with offices throughout the U.S.
  • KPA, an organization that provides compliance software and services


“The winners of this year’s awards program serve as leaders and inspiration for the cybersecurity community,” said Jim Chilton, GM of Infosec and CTO of Cengage Group. “Infosec is honored to collaborate with so many brilliant clients and partners who help make cybersecurity education engaging and accessible for all employees. From continual upskilling of internal cyber staff to educating all employees on best practices for protecting their organization, we’re proud to highlight the work of these individuals and organizations in prioritizing cybersecurity.”


Winners will be interviewed by a member of the Infosec team and an individual story of their success will be published on the Infosec website to inspire other security leaders to enhance their own programs. Winners will also receive a trophy and recognition on the Infosec website. 


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Infosec, part of Cengage Group, is a leading cybersecurity education provider helping IT and security professionals advance their careers and empowering employees to be cyber-safe at work and home. Its mission is to equip individuals and organizations with the knowledge and skills to confidently outsmart cybercrime. More than 70% of the Fortune 500 have relied on Infosec Skills to develop their security talent and teams, and more than 5 million learners worldwide are more cyber-resilient from Infosec IQ’s security awareness and phishing training.



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