Deliver training when it matters most

Schedule training assignments for baseline education and deliver training automatically to employees who need it most.

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Flexible scheduling

Meet compliance standards or security goals within your desired timeline by scheduling training courses for your entire workforce, individual departments or specific roles. Build micro-campaigns that run for a single month or schedule organization-wide training that spans the entire year.

With Infosec IQ, you can start and stop training courses, add new training content and schedule new campaigns to jumpstart employee engagement at any time.

Real-time phishing training

Educate employees the moment they interact with simulated phishing emails to reinforce cybersecurity best practices in the teachable moment.

Deliver training tailored to the phishing attack employees fail to identify to personalize training and reduce repeat offenses. Real-time phishing training includes modules, phishing education pages and phishing indicators that highlight red flags employees should have spotted on the phishing email they clicked.

Event-Activated Learning

Deliver awareness training to employees based on their personal involvement in security-related events blocked by your endpoint protection provider.

If your endpoint protection software can report on it, you can now fully automate training around it. Provide continuous training for learners who attempt to:

  • Download malware
  • Execute hostile browser add-ons
  • Run macros or other malware-embedded attachments