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4-day program is an immersion into the Information Systems Security Architecture Process, complete with targeted prep leading to guaranteed ISSMP certification success!

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ISSMP Course Overview

This four-day ISSMP training course will help you dive into the work of Information Systems Security Management. This course is for those who have already completed their CISSP certification. This is taught by instructors who have more than ten years of experience in the field of information assurance. Many of them have worked for the federal government. The program focuses on the ISSMP CBK. It helps students to prepare for the exam. It also makes the security architecture process as easy to figure out as possible, thus ensuring that students will fully understand what they have to do in order to make it work for their needs.

What You'll LEARN

You will learn about security management, systems development security, compliance procedures and how to ensure continuity in a business system. Details on the legal ramifications of the process and its ethics are also covered. You will learn about how you can run hacking attacks. You will learn these in our computer lab. In addition, this course will teach you about security management, developing security functions for different systems, handling business continuity and planning for disaster recovery scenarios. These are covered over the course of four days from 8:30am to about 10pm each day. Practice sessions are available and you can choose to participate in groups if desired. Lunch is also provided on each day.

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