Secure Coding for .NET Training Boot Camp

Transform your career in 3 days

Learn how to develop Secure .NET applications. This boot camp is designed for ASP.NET and C# developers that require effective, real-world, secure programming skills they can implement immediately at the workplace.

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Course essentials

Boot camp at a glance

  • Method

    Online, in-person, team onsite

  • Duration

    3 days

  • Experience

    1-3 years of experience

What you'll learn

Training overview

This comprehensive three-day Secure Coding for .NET (ASP.NET/C#/VB.NET) Boot Camp is designed to educate professional programmers on the skills necessary to develop and deploy secure applications. You will learn about potential security issues through concrete, hands-on examples of vulnerable code.

You’ll learn which poor programming practices lead to vulnerable code, how to code securely and how to maintain secure development practices throughout the development life cycle. You’ll sharpen skills and gain experience in applying secure design and implementation principles through demonstrations of building, testing and securing real-world applications. You’ll also be given the opportunity to participate in securing and testing applications through a progression of “challenge scenarios” alternating assignments as “attackers” and “defenders” of applications.

Who should attend

Who Should Attend Image
  • NET application developers
  • C# programmers
  • ASP.NET developers
  • Managers, architects and technologists involved in deploying .NET applications
  • Anyone interested in learning more about secure .NET coding

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What's included

Everything you need to know

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  • 90-day extended access to Boot Camp components, including class recordings
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Free 90-day Infosec Skills subscription (access to 1,400+ additional courses and labs)
  • Hands-on cyber ranges and labs
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What makes the Infosec Secure Coding for .NET prep course different?

You can rest assured that the Secure Coding for .NET training materials are fully updated and synced with the latest version of the exam. With 20 years of training experience, we stand by our Secure Coding for .NET training with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. This means if you’re not 100% satisfied with your training at the end of the first day, you may withdraw and enroll in a different online or in-person course.

Before your boot camp


Prior to enrolling in the Secure Coding for .NET Training Boot Camp, you must have:

  • Roughly 12-24 months of experience working with .NET applications (recommended)
  • An understanding of web applications, web programming concepts and experience building web applications using the .NET Framework
  • A basic understanding of IT security principles (recommended)


Training schedule

Day 1
Morning session

Course Introduction

  • Web application environment and components
  • General web application security concepts
  • .NET framework security features

Schedule may vary from class to class

Afternoon session

Input validation and encoding

  • Input-driven attacks
  • Validation best practices
  • Output encoding

Schedule may vary from class to class

Evening session

Authentication, authorization and session management

  • Common authentication weaknesses
  • Authorization best practices
  • Controlling application access
  • Password security
  • Session hijacking and trapping
  • Protecting user sessions and tokens
  • Canonicalization problems
  • Parameter manipulation

Schedule may vary from class to class

Day 2
Morning session

Data access

  • Secure database programming
  • Database permissions best practices
  • Parameterized queries
  • Common stored procedure flaws

Schedule may vary from class to class

Afternoon session

Error handling and logging

  • Attacking via error messages
  • Secure logging and error handling

Schedule may vary from class to class

Evening session

Server configuration and code management

  • Common web and app server mis-configurations
  • Common database server mis-configurations
  • Protecting application code

Schedule may vary from class to class

Day 3
Morning session

XML web services

  • Overview of WSDL, SOAP and AJAX
  • Web service attacks
  • AJAX pitfalls
  • Web service best practices

Schedule may vary from class to class

Afternoon session

Application threat modeling

  • Threat modeling concepts
  • Application context
  • Identifying attacks, vulnerabilities and countermeasures
  • Threat modeling tools

Schedule may vary from class to class

Evening session

Schedule may vary from class to class

Practical security testing techniques for developers

  • Useful web application assessment tools
  • Determining the severity of vulnerabilities
  • Dealing with time constraints

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Guaranteed results

Our boot camp guarantees

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your training at the end of the first day, you may withdraw and enroll in a different online or in-person course.

Knowledge Transfer Guarantee

If an employee leaves within three months of obtaining certification, Infosec will train a different employee at the same organization tuition-free for up to one year.

You're in good company


The instructor was able to take material that prior to the class had made no sense, and explained it in real world scenarios that were able to be understood.

Erik Heiss, United States Air Force

I really appreciate that our instructor was extremely knowledgeable and was able to provide the information in a way that it could be understood. He also provided valuable test-taking strategies that I know not only helped me with this exam, but will help in all exams I take in the future.

Michelle Jemmott, Pentagon

The course was extremely helpful and provided exactly what we needed to know in order to successfully navigate the exam. Without this I am not confident I would have passed.

Robert Caldwell, Salient Federal Solutions

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