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Secure Coding for Java Training Boot Camp

Learn how to develop Secure Java applications. This boot camp is designed for developers and designers of Java applications that require effective, real-world secure programming skills they can implement immediately at the workplace.

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What you'll learn

Training overview

This comprehensive three-day Secure Coding for Java Boot Camp is designed to educate professional programmers on the skills necessary to develop and deploy secure applications. You will learn about potential security issues through concrete, hands-on examples of vulnerable code.

You’ll learn which poor programming practices lead to vulnerable code, how to code securely and how to maintain secure development practices throughout the SDLC. You will sharpen skills and gain experience in applying secure design and implementation principles through demonstrations of building, testing and securing real-world applications. You will be given the opportunity to participate in securing and testing applications through a progression of “challenge scenarios” alternating assignments as “attackers” and “defenders” of applications.

Before your boot camp


Roughly 12-24 months of experience developing Java apps is recommended. You should have an understanding of web applications, web programming concepts and experience building web applications using the Java Framework. A basic understanding of IT security principles is recommended but not required.


Training schedule

  • Day 1
      • Input validation and encoding
      • Input driven attacks
      • Canonicalization problems
      • Output encoding
      • J2EE filters
      • Validation and encoding with frameworks (Struts, Spring, etc)
      • And more!
  • Day 2
      • Error handling and logging
      • Web application environment and components
      • Attacking via error messages
      • Secure logging and error handling
      • FindBugs
      • Integrating code review into the SDLC
      • And more!
  • Day 3
      • Web service attacks and securing
      • RMI attacks and securing
      • Application threat modeling
      • Application decomposition
      • Identifying attacks, vulnerabilities and countermeasures
      • Threat modeling tools
      • And more!

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