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CIPT Certification Training Boot Camp

Infosec’s two-day authorized CIPT boot camp helps you gain a deep understanding of the need of privacy in the IT environment and the common challenges enterprises are facing when factoring data privacy into their products and services.

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Boot camp overview

Our Certified Information Privacy Technologist (CIPT) boot camp provides you with foundational knowledge about core privacy concepts and essential elements of embedding privacy in information technology. The course covers privacy considerations for every stage of the information life cycle as well as effective privacy-enhancing techniques and technologies, including access management, data encryption and privacy-by-design principles.

You will also learn about online services and technologies with specific privacy requirements and considerations, such as social media, cloud computing, and web browser privacy and security.

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What's included?

93% pass rate — the best in the industry

  • Two days of intense training delivered by CIPT certified instructors with actual professional experience in data privacy and the security field
  • CIPT all-in-one digital textbook
  • CIPT exam voucher
  • One year IAPP membership
  • 90-day access to course replays (Flex Pro)
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Exam Pass Guarantee (Flex Pro)

What you'll learn

Infosec is an International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) Official Training Partner. After attending our CIPT boot camp, you will gain sufficient knowledge to successfully pass the IAPP CIPT exam and be able to:

  • Use industry-standard guidelines for the collection, use, disclosure, retention and destruction of personal information
  • Recognize IT risks and mistakes organizations make when embedding privacy in the IT environment
  • Know privacy considerations for IT systems and applications
  • Use established methods for end-user notification and choice through IT system and product interfaces
  • Implement system controls for identity and access management (IAM)
  • Select appropriate privacy-enabling technologies
  • Understand requirements for identifiability, authentication and anonymization
  • Understand and address online privacy threats and challenges
  • Understand privacy considerations in evolving technologies (cloud computing, biometrics, IoT and more)

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Who should attend?

  • Enterprise system architects (CTO, CIO)
  • Business process professionals (purchase decision makers for IT services and products)
  • Software, network, database and system professionals, including architects, designers, developers, engineers and administrators
  • IT and data governance professionals
  • Risk and regulatory compliance managers
  • IT project/program managers
  • Information security professionals (CISO, CSO)
  • IT compliance and auditing professionals (CISM, CISA)
  • Anyone who wants to secure a place in the information economy

CIPT certification details

The IAPP CIPT is the first global privacy certification for IT practitioners.

It demonstrates understanding of privacy and data protection practices in the development, engineering, deployment and auditing of IT products and services at all stages of the information life cycle. The CIPT certifies individuals in their knowledge of privacy-related issues and practices in the context of the design and implementation of information and communication technologies.

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CIPT Boot Camp details

Day 1: Privacy fundamentals and life cycle

  • Course introduction
  • Importance of privacy in IT environment
    • Privacy and regulatory compliance requirements
    • Privacy expectations
    • Risks to IT environments
    • Common mistakes
    • Privacy vs. security
    • Governance and role of IT professionals
  • Privacy fundamentals
    • Important privacy documents (notices and relevant security and privacy policies)
    • Relevant standards and frameworks
    • SDLC privacy and security
    • Privacy considerations in enterprise architecture (incident response, cross-border data transfers and Privacy Impact Assessments)
    • Core privacy principles
  • Privacy in the information life cycle
    • Stages of the information life cycle
    • Privacy considerations for collection of information
    • Privacy considerations for use of information
    • Privacy considerations for disclosure of information
    • Privacy considerations for retention of information
    • Privacy considerations for destruction of information

Day 2: Privacy technologies, techniques and controls

  • Privacy-enabling technologies and controls
    • Privacy challenges for enterprise IT architecture
    • Identity and access management (IAM)
    • Protecting credit card information
    • Privacy and security controls for remote access and mobile devices
    • Data encryption types, standards and implementation
    • Automated data retrieval and audits
    • Data masking and obfuscation
    • Implementing DLP
    • Privacy considerations for customer-facing applications
  • Common privacy techniques
    • Authentication
    • Identifiability of data
    • Privacy-by-design principles
  • Privacy in online environment
    • Online privacy expectations and requirements
    • Privacy challenges with social media
    • Common online threats and safeguards
    • E-commerce and advertising
    • Web tracking technologies (cookies, beacons and more)
    • Machine-readable languages for privacy policies
    • Web browser privacy and security features
    • Secure web protocols (SSL/TLS, HTTPS)
  • Privacy and emerging technologies
    • Cloud computing privacy and security concerns
    • Wireless communications
    • Principles of location-based technologies and services
    • IoT and other smart technologies
    • Electronic surveillance
    • Biometrics