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Infosec's Authorized CompTIA A+ and Network+ boot camp is an 8-day accelerated, in-depth course that is structured to teach students the important and necessary tools of becoming a successful computer technician.

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Course Description



The A+ portion of our CompTIA Boot Camp focuses on teaching students basic software and hardware knowledge, such as installation and configuration, in order to achieve one of the industry’s most influential certifications for students. Students will be thoroughly trained to demonstrate a wide range of skills that lead to the A+ Technician certification. In addition the student will walk away with a high level of confidence in their abilities leading to productivity enhancing performance in the workplace. For those seeking employment this certification is a key benchmark for employers looking for the best and brightest technicians available.


The ever-evolving networking capabilities of most organizations today require more advanced skills than just the A+ certification. To help computer technicians further their skill set, Infosec features the Network+ segment of our Boot Camp. We teach our students important networking administration and support skills in order to achieve one of the most respected standard certifications an IT professional can attain. Once an individual gains a Network+ certification, he or she will display versatility in successfully implementing and supporting a network.

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Course Benefits & Goals

Our eight (8) day intense CompTIA A+, Network+ Boot camp provides the most comprehensive approach to CompTIA A+, Network+ certification. A+ and Network+ certification leads to career advancement, personal improvement, skills enhancement, and higher salaries.

Only Infosec’s CompTIA A+, Network+ Boot camp offers you the following benefits:

  • Eight (8) full days of intense instruction with no outside distractions
  • Quality, targeted prep books shipped directly to you prior to start of class
  • Complete hands-on practice and skills development on real systems, including building from scratch and indepth troubleshooting
  • Certification test vouchers
  • Exam vouchers for the A+ and Network+ certification exams
  • Apply basic networking skills to work
  • Expanded marketability and credibility as an engineer or technician
  • Attaining some of the foremost certifications in the industry
  • Intense, detailed curriculum covering a broad range of critical IT professional skills

A+, Network+ training and certification significantly improves customer support and satisfaction for organizations as well including:

  • Less need for high support costs as a result of improved expertise and overall skills
  • More accurate, thorough assessment of employment decisions for employee career track

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Upon the completion of our CompTIA A+, Network+ Boot Camp, students will know how to:

  • Comprehensively demonstrate a wide range of skills and knowledge to current or potential employers, co-workers and clients
  • Successfully achieve a wide array of technical and support skills
  • Properly install, configure and oversee an assortment of networks on multiple platforms
  • Effortlessly apply basic networking skills to work
  • Potential increase in salary and advancement


Prior to enrolling in Infosec’s CompTIA A+, Network+ Boot Camp, students should have a general understanding of Windows client operating systems such as XP, Vista or Windows 7 and experience with Microsoft products and technologies.

Who Should Attend

  • Those who wish to excel in the role of a computer technician or support professional
  • Information technology professionals who wish to reinforce their knowledge of basic hardware, software, and networking skills necessary to be successful in a variety of IT positions

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