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“Cleaning up a malware infection can take hours and multiple personnel. Since adding Infosec IQ into our service offering, we’ve had fewer infected machines, which helps protect our margins.”

Damian Stalls

Fluid Networks

"Infosec IQ really helped us in achieving what we're looking to achieve. And the benefits are in the increased awareness and confidence. The training is not intrusive and it's easy to use."

Lzbeth Malig

Concord Technologies

"Comparing Infosec to other vendors is like comparing apples to oranges. My instructor was hands-down the best I’ve had."

James Coyle

FireEye, Inc.

"Don't ever stop learning. Keep going, especially in the IT arena. It's constantly changing technology. You got to keep up with the market, otherwise you're stagnant."

Computer System Analyst

Northrop Grumman

"After every campaign, our phish rate was almost cut in half. Within a year we got our phish rate down from 54% to 10%."

David Camardella

Senior IT Director, Hospital Central Services, Inc. & Affiliates

"Since starting these campaigns, we’ve noticed a huge increase in the amount of suspicious emails reported to the security department. People are definitely a lot more aware."

Marc Puhala

Penn National Gaming

“It's not really a checkbox for me. Security awareness is a way of life. It's a culture that I'm trying to develop here, and I think I've been successful with help from tool sets like Infosec IQ.”

Paul Tew

Snow College

"I’ve received resounding positive feedback from both our clinicians and corporate staff about Infosec IQ. They’ve told me the training has helped them professionally and personally. Our employees continue to improve at spotting suspicious emails and using the PhishNotify reporting tool. Click rates on phishing emails have dropped 30 percent since our first baseline campaign."

IT Security Analyst

Managed Healthcare Service Provider

"Infosec IQ is a really polished program that’s simple to use. The reporting tools are also helpful. It’s easy to make my own reports and track important metrics. If leadership wants to know something specific, like how people with a certain title are performing in the training, I can pull that information out of Infosec IQ pretty seamlessly."

Michael Prestien

America's Car-Mart

"I knew Infosec could tell me what to expect on the exam and what topics to focus on most."

Julian Tang

Chief Information Officer

"My instructor, Robert, was fantastic. He shared stories from the trenches and brought the course material to life. The course covered a ton of material, and his approach helped keep it light. Robert inserted jokes when appropriate and invited us to share our own experiences with the group to keep class interesting and real."

Gil Owens

Cyber Systems Engineer

"Our instructor directly asked online students for feedback — often calling on us by name. If he asked a question, he would wait until responses from all students came in before moving forward. You didn’t feel like you were just watching a training video because you were engaged."

Rexson Serrao

Senior Director of IT, PMO & Planning