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Security auditors work with a company to provide an audit of security systems used by that company.

Security Auditor Overview

Security auditors work with a company to provide an audit of security systems used by that company. Once completed, the security auditor will provide the company with a detailed report of information systems. These reports will outline whether the system runs efficiently or effectively. This can help the company make changes where necessary to improve the integrity of their system. At minimum, a bachelor's degree must be earned in order to become a security auditor. Certification is often highly recommended and may be required by some employers prior to hiring. This certification is recognized worldwide as completion of a standardized security auditing certification program.

Job Duties List
There are many duties and responsibilities for security auditors that depend upon the level of security auditing that needs to be completed. Some auditors may work as part of a team to determine the integrity of the security system for a company or they may conduct the audit on their own. Work performed by a security auditor may also include the testing of policies put forward by a company to determine whether there are risks associated with them. The auditor may also review or interview members of the staff to learn about any security risks or other complications within the company.

How to become a(n) Security Auditor

Security Auditing is one of the fastest growing careers in the tech industry and InfoSec Institute is proud to offer a variety of training courses to help students get their foot in the door. Our CISA (Certified Information Securiyt Auditor) certification provides everything you need to kick start your career in auditing! 

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Career Outlook

The prospects for this job have a letter grade of B for those considered a career as a security auditor. This grade indicates that the outlook is good for those entering this field, with projections showing a steady increase in hiring. Demand for security auditors is rising as new and existing companies are constantly searching for ways to improve their systems.

Outlook GradeB

Salary Projections

An average salary for security auditors often begins around $79,000 annually. This amount may increase based upon the level of education or certification that the auditor possesses, as well as any relevant work experience. Advancement in this field often brings higher yearly salaries, with some earning higher than the national average of $75,000-$79,000 per year. Senior security auditors may also take on additional responsibilities that can lead to a higher income. As this job often requires extensive traveling, auditors may be compensated accordingly for the travel. This may be included as part of their annual salary, or may be awarded as a bonus.

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